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Have you heard of these bands?

Asked by chutterhanban (1020points) August 3rd, 2008

These are 3 bands pop/punk bands from the Indianapolis area that I thoroughly enjoy and I’m wondering how far their fan bases reach. I know that there probably aren’t a lot of local musician fans on Fluther, but hopefully the tags will connect me with some!

The Holiday
– played on our 2nd most popular radio station
Same As Sunday
– played on Vans Warped Tour
News from Verona
– opened for both of the other bands

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I have heard of the last one. I can’t say that I have heard them. And I don’t click on any links to myspace so I probably won’t.

Defiance, Ohio seems to take care of my need for midwest punk.

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Defiance is actually a lovely town if you ever get around to visiting it.

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Awesome band too. Click the link, free music.

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I spend my time in the Chicago and greater St Louis areas, and I haven’t heard of any of them. But I’m not into pop/punk.

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@ aidje: haha, fair enough! what are you into?

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Well, if you really want to know, I guess the easy answer is :-)

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Hey! I’m a guy as well! I just looked at yours and we’ve got a good amount in common. That’s awesome to find someone else who listens to Christian music… here’s my link if you wanna check it out:

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I live in New York, so it isn’t really surprising that I haven’t heard of any of them… (although I am a Colts fan).

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no, not into pop tho. punk yes, pop no. pop punk is just wrong.

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