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If animals had human language, what do you think they would tell us?

Asked by Sneki95 (6997points) September 22nd, 2016

Considering all the things we’ve done to animals (and still do), what do you think they would tell us if they could, if they had language like us (and, since they have the language, intelligence like we have)?

Would they hate us for all we did to their ancestors and fellow animals? Would they be hateful towards us and other species? Or would they be accepting and understanding, forgiving us all atrocities we’ve done to them?

What would ants, flies,mosquitoes and cockroaches say? What about pigs, cows and sheep? What would animals in zoos have to tell? What message would wild animals we hunt everyday until we wipe them out would like to send us? What would your pet tell you for neutering him/her?

What do you think you would hear if an animal had a chance to tell you what lies in it’s skull?

No, I’m not some crazy vegan, I’m just curious.

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My dog isn’t allowed to differ from my opinions. Plus, if she could talk, I’d have to stop that. She’s seen too much.~

A cow would say ‘moo.’ A pig would say ‘oink.’ A cat would say ‘meow. ’ A horse would say ’ get the fuck off of me. You have cars and stuff that work better than me, without enslaving an animal. Now you’re just being a dick.’ A turkey says ‘goble.’ Etc….

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They would probably say: “Go to hell human! You’re all a disease.”

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Dogs would not say that @mimishu1995. They live to please their humans.

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“I’m less dumb than you think I am”

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We liked you better when you were cannibals.

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“It’s ok to eat fish ‘cause they don’t have any feelings”

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@MrGrimm888 That makes me feel a bit sorry for your dog, sir.

@Pachy @rojo Lol :D

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Why do you think that vegans are “crazy”?

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@Sneki95 I referred to militant vegans who think that even touching an animal is hurting them and spend their days and nights shaming meat eaters. It doesn’t mean I think like that of every vegan. If I did, I wouldn’t state “crazy”, but simply “vegan”.

My need to state that may have not been thought through. Sorry if I offended you.

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Stop abusing us!

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“Oh, just leave me alone, leave me alo-ho-ohn, just stop doggin me around…”

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I know what my animals would tell me.

“Hey, do you not compute I want to go out NOW, why are you blocking the door?”

” Isn’t it time for some of that Fancy Feast now, man, you’re slow on the draw this morning lady.”

” Do you really think that chasing the laser pointer around the house is satisfying to us when there is an entire world of mousies and gophers and lizards and birdies out there?” “If you would just open the fucking door!”

Marwyn my goose.

” I love you so much, don’t you know I am imprinted on you and want you to have my eggs?” “Why do you push me away when all I want is to make passionate goose love to you in my swimming pool.”

” What, you didn;t buy any Oatnut bread, you expect me to eat this inferior stuff, surely you jest.”

” I don’t want to go to bed, the night is young and my barn is boring, stay with me awhile longer.”


Cayuse: NO, I will NOT stand still while you spray me with that fucked up fly spray, cough up an apple and maaaybe I’ll let you put my fly mask on.”

Mozie: ” Can you not HEAR me, I am banging and kicking the gate as loudly as I can, because I AM HUNGRY!” Overweight, foody mare that thinks she is starving every-single-minute. ” You think I am going to stand for being on a diet, fuck you!” lol

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Open the door open the door open the door. Throw me a stick throw me a stick throw me a stick. Pant pant pant.

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@Sneki95 I appreciate your explanation and now understand. Thank you.

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@Coloma That made me laugh :D

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@Sneki95 . I can’t have my dog throwing my dirty laundry on instagram.~

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