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What was the most fun you have had on a car trip?

Asked by chyna (45302points) September 23rd, 2016 from iPhone

Tell us about the best road trip and what kind of car you were in. Fun or good stories only, please.

My best road trip was when I was 29. I took my MGB from WV to Oklahoma by myself. The top was down, my hair was flying in the wind, not a care in the world.

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MGB! Lucky you! I had a lot of best road trips, but my favorites were cross-country trips I did every couple of years in a 1977 Jeep Cherokee that was a serious lemon. My big ol’ dog and I would camp in National and State parks, and I had a box of parts and hoses and belts in the back to fix the engine as needed.
Oh, to be so young and free again!

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In 2006 I took a 2 week road trip all over the southwest with a guy I was dating at the time.
We drove a Hyundai Santa Fe SUV and started from my area here in the Sierra Foothills not far from lake Tahoe.
Drove into Nevada then Arizona, Utah, over to Colorado then New Mexico. Albuquerque, Taos & Santa Fe and Angelfire. ( I was born in Albq. and lived in Santa Fe for a few years. )

Went to Bryce and Zion parks in Utah, spectacular!
Traded some CA. wines from my zone with a winery/vineyard outside of Taos in Velarde N.M.

Had so much fun! Here’s the little vineyard/winery, I still order their “Black Beauty” chocolate Cabernet from time to time. They have an animal “staff” of about 7 cats and a little dog. If you go to “about us” you can click on ” our animal staff” to meet the vineyard pets.
Great little place!

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Winter of ‘78/79 I was 18 and just joined a Fraternity at college and 7 of us stuffed ourselves into a 1978 Ford LTD and went on a Blues Brother style road trip to a our Fraternity Chapter in Madison WI. What I remember of it was insane fun with lots of crazy hijinx mixed in those 2 days on the road.

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That will be the time I fired our chauffeur for not doing “vroom vroom” car impressions on a trip to work one morning…atttention to detail dear boy, attention to detail.

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It happened every summer of my childhood, when my cousins and I would pile into the back of station wagon and head from R.I. to Nana’s house on Cape Cod.

I now understand that the trip was 80 miles/130 km and took little more than an hour. From my childlike perspective, however, it always seemed to be an all-day voyage. It was such a magic trip, all the kids talking nonstop, watching everything we passed, and making a holiday.

It’s said that time flies when you’re having fun. I disagree. Mundane time races by unremarkably, but the great days linger and are savored forever.

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I rarely enjoy the road part. It’s not terrible, but I’d rather get where I am going.

I did have a nice road trip with girlfriends about ten years ago. We drive from a Detroit suburb to Toronto. Talked all the way there, bought coffee crisp, stayed a couple days, saw Wicked, ate some yummy food. It was fun.

My husband and I took a road trip to St. Augustine and I loved that little vacation.

If you count flying to a destination and then driving around once there, I had a great time in the Hudson Valley area. We went to West Point, Mohonk, Saratoga, and Hyde Park. It’s in my top ten vacations for me.

I enjoy road trips most if they are under 4 hours. We have done a lot of long trips for racing though.

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Um..It must have been around 1995 not long after the Oklahoma City bombing. Drove from North East Wisconsin to New Orleans and then on to Orlando Florida, in a… wait for it…. Ryder moving truck. It was the only vehicle big enough for the group for the money we had to spend. It was me, a New Zealander guy and three Australian chaps from a country town west of Sydney. The Australians had just finished a tour of Scandinavia, so they had loads of baggage. We threw an american football around in the back and drank beer when it wasn’t our turn to drive. Loads of fun stories. OMG… thank you so much for reminding me about this. It was epic. We went line dancing…. geez… we got up to all sorts.

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I was in San Francisco last week. Since I hate being in San Francisco I rented a brand new 911 and drove to stinson beach. That car made being in SF so much better.

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