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Can you list the stats for your role model real or fiction if it were on a Dungeons and Dragons character sheet?

Asked by RedDeerGuy1 (17713points) September 23rd, 2016

I’ll start. The first MacGyver (Richard Dean Anderson) would be a lv 20 Neutral Good Thief. With 19 intelligence and high charisma and wisdom. You can correct me If you have a better appraisal of MacGyver.

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MacGyver Stats from Mr. Seek :

STR – 15
DEX – 18
CON – 17
WIS – 18
INT – 15
CHA – 15

Mr. Seek insists he has to cap at 18 unless he gets a Wish spell somewhere, since he’s a mortal. He says your assessment of Neutral Good is probably right on.

I never really watched the show, myself.

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Son Goku: Everything is over 9000.

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This frightens me

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No, I could only do it in GURPS. Except that I don’t have a role model.

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My role model is Nestor Makhno, a high-level chaotic-neutral Ranger/Thief.

STR – 16
INT – 17
WIS – 8
DEX – 17
CON – 18
CHA – 18

His stats seem quite high, but he was a remarkable individual in many, many ways. He drove 600,000 German soldiers out of Ukraine with fewer than 50,000 volunteer partisans equipped with nothing but what they could capture from the enemy. He was a very small man (his closest friends called him “Shorty”), but he was said to be unstoppable in battle. He habitually charged into combat at the front of his army, on horseback, pistol in one hand and cavalry sabre in the other. Despite a huge bounty on his head and being seriously wounded more than 20 times, no one was able to kill or capture him.

If he could be said to have any weakness it was in expecting the same level of competency and dedication from others as he had himself. He fought literally to the last man, waging three wars in rapid succession against respectively the Germans, the Whites, and the Reds, fleeing for Paris only after he had expended his entire army trying to stop an invasion by millions of the Soviet Red Army – and holding them off for four years. Stalin was so terrified of Makhno that he murdered 10 million Ukrainians to keep Makhno from being able to rebuild. Makhno had always thought he would return to Ukraine and free it from the tyranny of the Soviets as he had from the Germans and Czarists, and when it became clear he never would, he ended up drinking himself to death at the age of 45.

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my stats from What Kind of D&D Character Would You Be?
You Are A
Neutral Good Human Sorcerer (10th Level)
Ability Scores:
Strength- 9
Dexterity- 15
Constitution- 12
Intelligence- 13
Wisdom- 18
Charisma- 11

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