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Are you a lucky person, do things fall into place for you easily?

Asked by ZEPHYRA (21499points) September 24th, 2016

No, I am not talking about the luck we feel in having our family close to us, the roof over our heads and all the other vital things. Don’t get me wrong, I am not saying that having all that is not luck, but I am referring to the other kind of luck. The luck of having things go right, of life going along smoothly and not giving you uphill all the time.

Even the smallest, most insignificant thing can show a person how unlucky he or she is. Some people just can not get anything right, from an unlucky purchase to God knows what else.

Do things run smoothly for you, does life flow in the right direction all the time and if not, is it the star we are born under that is to blame or just pure coincidence?

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I won’t say unlucky but life isn’t smooth for me either. Have to work hard for achieving / meeting targets in life be it small or significant ones. At the end it’s happy ending most of the times but have to toil hard for achieving them.

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@imrainmaker True and acceptable that one has to work hard and I appreciate that but have you ever been in the position where just about whatever you buy from a simple razor to an electrical appliance or even a car ends up giving you uphill? I often can’t believe that I can’t get ANYTHING right.

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Nah..not that hard for me. Well buying a car can be uphill task if you wanna buy out of your current scope.What do you mean by “I can’t get ANYTHING right.” Can you elaborate with some examples?

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Whatever I buy turns out problematic! An air conditioner, an electrical appliance, shoes whatever, they all end up problematic!

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Ok…I have one more question. Are you doing some research / enquiry before buying those items or getting them on a whim / looking at only price? That might be the issue rather than you being unlucky.

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Well just to answer your question differently everyone has its bright spot and dark ones too which differs from person to person. Like in your case you’re having trouble with purchasing. In my case I would say I’m very lucky to lead successful professional life but when it comes to personal life I’m not that lucky. I do 90–95 percent right but remaining are cause of trouble and it becomes dark spot for me. So I can say I’m unlucky in love. I don’t there will be many people who have all the things covered with no trouble / issues whatsoever in life.

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Luck is only wishful thinking on my part. I have achieved a lot in my life and luck has nothing to do with any part of my life. On the other hand…my best friend Ralph must have a trunk full of 4 leaf clovers as he always wins…wins the raffles, wins at Poker, wins in Vegas, wins with the women, wins at business as easily as you and I snap our fingers. He is the luckiest person I have ever met.

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I consider myself fortunate for the reasons you suggested, but my good fortune is the product of hard work. I’m not ‘lucky’. I can buy lottery tickets until the cows come home, but that strategy has never paid off for me in any serious way or with regularity. I’ve won things, but it’s a rarity.

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