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Another terrorist says that he attacked the US because the US keeps attacking Muslim countries. Why do we ignore this?

Asked by SquirrelEStuff (9178points) September 24th, 2016 from iPhone

The official complaint from the most recent terror attacks states some writings in the notebook of the terrorist.
Just as with every other terrorist that is captured, it states that he attacked us because we are in the Middle East attacking them.
This is a commonality amongst almost all terrorists captured, including the underwear bomber, shoe bomber, Boston bomber, Orlando shooter, and Osama Bin Laden.
How can an entire country ignore these facts and continue to assume that these attacks are strictly because we are “free and non-Muslim?”
This is kind of a big oversight, no?

Here is the formal complaint, and here is the specific quote, “You [USA Government] continue your [unintelligible] slaught[er]” against the mujahideen, “be it Afghanistan, Iraq, Sham [Syria], Palestine … ”

It is also worth noting that the stabbing at the mall in Minnesota was done by a Somali. The US has been bombing Somalia for quite a while now, with the most recent reported airstrike being two weeks ago.
Of course it doesn’t justify what he did, but I wonder if he lost some family in the airstrike.

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Maybe they want that part of the world to die in chaos and can not give two shits about third (or second ) world countries, and are truly evil. Also how did our oil get into their ground?~ Maybe the first world countries want to win by attrition. Eventually they will run out of suicide bombers and go extinct. Enemy’s might be the glue that holds us together.

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Propaganda is propaganda. One man’s supposed “truth” is another man’s misconception of the truth. And who is to say if this guy even has all of his shit in one sock?

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Good Question. Maybe we should stop altogether and completely pull out of those countries on the agreement that terrorism will stop. I’m willing to try it actually. I don’t believe it will work, but I’m willing to try it. I hope it does work. What if they do horrible things to their women though, do we stand by silent? If they commit genocide against their own people, do we stand by silent? If they persecute, oppress, and even kill Christians in their countries, do we turn a blind eye?

What I really think is a certain number of Arab Muslims hate the western world because we are promiscuous, and our women don’t dress modestly, and people who want power make the western world the scape goat for all evil, much like Hitler targeted the Jews. When the Arab world still has sucky shit going on, even if we have nothing to do with it, I think they will blame us. Just the whole Israeli relationship we have gives them reason to target us.

The government of these countries won’t be able to control all the rogue haters. Those government need to step up an imprison and even kill their own people committing terrorism. Otherwise, we don’t believe the government’s aren’t in in it all.

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It’s an excuse – a rationalization. Basically he was brainwashed to say that.

I wouldn’t take it very seriously – he was programmed to say that – it was the only way that they could get him to carry out his mission.

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Ask yourself – if the US weren’t messing with the Middle East, would it have been attacked by terrorists from there?

The “they’re attacking us because they hate our freedom” idea is RETARDED, AND WRONG AS @($*!

Also, framing the violence in the Middle East as being about US citizens and their government and military protecting them, is bull shit.

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To get elected?

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I have read that the Islam State people have killed thousands of their own people.

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We have been droning or bombing or interfering with the middle east for longer than I have been alive.

We kill hundreds at a wedding everyday and they fuck up a pressure cooker. We deserve what we are getting. That is right folks. I will say that all this terrorism shit is on us. Our shit on Muslim countries is state sanctioned. Still fucking terrorism.

They hate us for our freedoms is retarded. They hate us because a pussy flying a drone just bombed 200 people to get one person. This is a war we can’t win.

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Because it contradicts the warmongers’ narrative of the west as “blameless victims”.
Going so far that the sheeple that buy into the narrative rationalise away these clear statements of motive: “They are brainwashed” and “They are lying”.
So much easier to hate the other side when you have already bought into the lie that there is only 1 side on the coin.

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@ragingloli The consciousness of being at war, and therefore in danger, makes the handing-over of all power to a small caste seem the natural, unavoidable condition of survival.from the Fluther moderator instruction manual

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It’s all propaganda. Terrorism is not just against America or the west, it happens everywhere and to everybody. America, Europe, Africa, Asia, and the Middle East. The goal is to kill and disrupt which weakens governments and facilitates their expansion. They aren’t attacking enemies they’re attacking everyone. The goal is expansion of their state or organization and that will continue as long as they are alive.

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What if we are the victims of propaganda as well? It can work both ways, no?

I have read a lot of writings from Bin Laden that were confiscated from the raid in Pakistan, to try and get a better understanding of their thoughts, and his writings paint a much different scenario than we are being told.

There are lines such as these:

“We would like to let you know that your depiction of us and our
work as terrorism is, of necessity, attributing it to yourselves
and acts as well, since our reactions and acts are a response to your acts, which are destruction and killing of our people in
Afghanistan, Iraq, and Palestine.”

“Looking at the events that took and are taking place, from
killing in our countries and yours, shows an important fact,
which is that the oppression we both are under is due to Western
politicians, who are sending your children despite your
objections to our countries to kill and get killed. Therefore,
it is in the best interest of both sides to not let the
opportunity slip from those who shed the blood of people for
their own narrow, personal interests, and pleasing the White
House gang.”

“Finally, I am presenting to the people a peaceful initiative due
to the positive response of the latest events and the opinion
polls in Europe, who want peace and reconciliation with us. In
this initiative, we are obligated to stop Jihadists’ operations
against every country that pledges not to attack Muslims or
interfere in their affairs, and from that is the great Middle
Eastern initiative. It can be renewed with every new government
that pledges to abide by its contents with agreement from both
sides. The initiative will start with the departure of the last
soldier of that country from our country. You do know that Muslims will never betray this, if you want reconciliation. We
have answered you, and on the contrary, if you do not want our
peace initiatives and want otherwise, we are its sons.”

“Those who say that the Muslims have no solution except for war
are lying to you, for we are like the rest of humanity, with
times in our lives for peace and war.
And those that tell you that we fight people until they are
forced to convert to Islam are not telling you the truth, and
there is plenty of evidence for that.”

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Are you aware that we have launched ~15,000 airstrikes in Iraq and Syria, and that doesn’t even include the at least 5 other countries that we have been bombing?

You stated, “The goal is to kill and disrupt which weakens governments and facilitates their expansion.” Have you considered that the US is using the same approach, not just abroad, but domestically as well?

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Wake up kids. There have been about 2500 terrorist attacks in Iraq every year for the past 7 years. That’s just Iraq and we pulled out. They are attacking Muslims more frequently than they are western countries. I don’t necessarily agree with everything we do but pulling back to give them free reign is stupid.

“I understand that the Arabs want to wipe us out but do they really expect us to cooperate?” – Golda Meir

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Uncle Sam has never learned from Vietnam or any other insurgency throughout the world. Uncle Sam is arrogant enough to believe not only is HE the only one who can be correct, but that because his technology and smack the Devil out of them while sitting in some air conditioned office in Utah, he will defeat them by killing more of them than they can get of us. Uncle Sam had not figured he is creating two, or more, for every one he kills, but arrogance and pride short circuits sound reasoning.

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Relevent video for those who haven’t seen it yet: Pirates and Emperors

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Who is ignoring it, anyway? We talk and talk and talk about it all the time.

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