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How often do you do something you don't want to do?

Asked by JLeslie (59213points) September 25th, 2016 from iPhone

Do you ever swear that this is the last time? Do you see that through? Do you make it the last time?

Do you have trouble deciding what you want and that’s how you get into the situation? Or, are you doing it for someone else?

Are you just biding time, waiting to break free from a situation?

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Trusting people with money and not standing up for my consumer rights. I just can’t fix myself.

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Every single day.

But it is a matter of scale.

I don’t have to deal with something like being in a abusive relationship. My biggest problem during the day is adjusting the shade of green on a webpage for someone 100 times

But I pretty much have it easy. My biggest gripe is my mom emailing me ten times a day asking if I need food and offering to drive to Arbys to get me some Ham and Swiss.

Fuck off Jon, Arbys is delicious.

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I usually lie to myself, and say it’s the last time. That helps me tolerate undesired things….

And yes, Arby’s is tight. Jalapeño poppers n bronco berry son…Too bad it’s 5:30AM or I’d go get some….. Shouldn’t have to mention 5 for 5…

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Every day when I force myself out of bed.

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Life is pretty much defined by “things you don’t want to do”. From jury duty to paying the bills, to that session with the dentist, life is about compulsory maintenance.

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Every time I set foot in the workplace.

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I don’t dislike my job but if I had my choice, I wouldn’t have to work for a living. There are some parts of my job that I dislike doing but I have to do them and I try to take the bad with the good.

I don’t dislike my daughter but when she says “I’m hungry” or when I have to turn the shower on and off for her and hand her the towel and all that stuff, it’s not necessarily what I’d want to do if I had my choice. I don’t like cooking after work but I need to get her dinner. If I had my choice, we’d probably eat in restaurants more often. We eat in a restaurant at least once a week.

I don’t like cleaning and organizing stuff in the house but it needs to be done. I used to have a cleaning lady but she became unreliable so I got rid of her.

I hate pumping gas but sometimes, if there’s not a full serve station around, I have to do it.

My mom is currently sick in bed and not going in a good direction. It’s painful to see her but yet I need to see her and I want to see her.

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Retirement is good. I have substantially lowered the number of assholes I have to deal with, and the number of things I don’t want to do, but have to.
There are still plenty of things I am forced to do that I’d rather not. This week I’ve been painting my house, which brings me no joy.

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Right on, @filmfann. Now that I’m retired I rarely do anything I don’t want to. Doing whats others wanted me to do seems like ALL I did when I was working fulltime ;-)

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I think @stanleybmanly summed it up perfectly .

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I don’t particularly wanna wipe my arse, but you just can’t get the staff these days

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Everyday. That’s life. I try to live for the moment, even when those moments suck. I don’t want to live in a future that might never happen.

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Every day. I am so happy I still have my s/o here with me but , when I wake up, I dislike hearing exactly what he wants me to cook, that he needs ice in his mug, that I need to let the dogs out and refresh their water. And it’s all one hundred times worse if a loud tv show is on.
I like very quiet mornings but I never have them. I may yell, “back off !” but then I do what he says without fail . He expresses how grateful he is and that’s all well and good but I get so tired of it .

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Pretty much every day. I have to do administrative tasks. I don’t want to! They make me. Oh well.

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Waking up. It’s something I have to do every day, no matter how much I don’t want to. Sometimes I do promise myself that I’ll never have to deal with it again… But so far, those promises have turned out to be hollow. Sometimes I think I’m indecisive, but I’m not sure. I suppose I wake up each day, because I choose not to give up. Whether I’m doing this for myself or someone else… Well, I’m not sure about that either.

In answer to the last question, yes.

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@JoyousLove Sometimes I think I’m indecisive, but I’m not sure.

Good one!

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