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What would be some good Omegle tags to use?

Asked by JoyousLove (1458points) September 25th, 2016

I enjoy intellectually stimulating conversations about a variety of subjects… I use Omegle to connect with people in the hopes that eventually I might meet someone who not only piques my interest, but holds onto it tightly.

Currently my tags are: asexual, asexuals, asexuality, asexualism, Star Trek, Deep Space 9, Voyager, The Next Generation, Enterprise, space, space exploration, alien, aliens, job, jobs, employment, transhuman, transhumanist, transhumanism, fluther, philosophy, food, humor, kittens, United States, Election 2016, books, reading, Feeling the Bern, education, education reform, dragons, physics, astrophysics, em drive, math, and mathematics.

Any suggestions will be impetuously added.

(I love that I got to use that word, just now…)

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I went to Omegle a few times, had some interesting convos. All I can say is:
Don’t use Music. No one gives a shit about music. All you’ll get is “follow me on kik” bullcrap.

I used tags like art, animation, language and literature.

You can also try out the “spy mode” questions, it can get interesting after clicking “skip” enough times and remove all the creeps.

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Hahaha, yeah… Surprisingly, “Books” also gets a lot of kik spambot activity.

I’ll try incorporating those tags, since those are subjects I’d be interested in discussing.

I’ve no interest in the “spy mode”, though. But thanks for the suggestion anyways!

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