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Has anyone had the problem that the iPod touch freezes too much ever sine the 2.0 upgrade?

Asked by 2late2be (2289points) August 3rd, 2008 from iPhone

Apple gave me a new iPod, I got a MacBook and iPod freezes like everytime I’m just moving the icons!! Anyone with the same problem? Any ideas if what can be causing this?

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I had the same thing happen. I just reinstalled the software from iTunes and it is working fine. Some reports state that a hard reset also clears up the problems. (hold down the power and home button for ten seconds)

By power I mean the button in the upper left. The actual physical button. And the button below the screen is what I refer to as the home button.

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I’m using a jailbroken iPod. My wiggly icons don’t lock up, but things like my NES emulator and PC game ports occasionally dump me to the desktop.

A restart is typically all it takes to finish any iPod issue.

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Yeah, freezes have been widely reported with the iPhone OS 2.0 update. 2.1 is already being tested and will hopefully be much more stable. As others have said, a restart generally clears things up for a while.

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My iPhone sure freezes a lot now! I just restarting it and it just keeps freezing…

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Everyone is having issues, and a bunch of idiot kids are giving horrible ratings in the app store because they think the applications are crashing their ipods and iphones but in fact it is the 2.0 software.

Apple needs to put a statement somewhere stating that you should shut down your iphone/ipod touch every other day or so so it doesn’t get slow and causes apps to crash, holding the Home button for a 10 seconds helps too so it resets to home.

Instead everyone is complaining and we have a bunch of applications with crappy ratings which are in fact amazing pieces of software, and then have to sort through the reviews which actually apply to the program rather than the buggy 2.0 interface.

Apple really needs to change whatever they did to the keyboard back to how it was in 1.1.4 and before, 2.0 it is ridiculously slow, choppy, and not nearly as good as guessing what i was typing before 2.0

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2.0.1 is out ;)

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Yes it is, and so far I haven’t had any problems and finally the speeds are back to 1.1.4 speeds where you can actually type hurray!

Now we won’t see so many little kids complaining about crashing apps in the app store reviews because hopefully that won’t happen as much anymore (thank God).

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