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When and how is it acceptable for an adult male to wear socks with sandals/flip flops?

Asked by ibstubro (18804points) September 26th, 2016

“How” refers to color and style of sock, i.e. white vs. colored and knee vs. “no show”.

Giving your opinion some history would help. Traditional generational bias vs. contemporary fashion.

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Whenever the hell he wants. Unless he is severely mentally deficient, he had some idea of how he will be viewed and judged by some, and so makes decisions with full awareness of potential social consequences. ;-)

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Yep, @canidmajor, that’s what life is all about—how much it matters how we look in our socks and footwear.

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Heck, that’s business casual where I live.

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Always. I do not want to see feet.

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Not sure what it has to do with gender. I don’t like seeing socks with sandals/flip flops on anyone – male/female/adult/child. I have a general dislike for anything on my feet so seeing too much foot coverage makes me feel sweaty – in a bad way.

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I think it looks ridiculous but if it suits people, who am I to say otherwise?

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When you’re a pimp running for your life from a guy armed with a chainsaw in Vice City

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Never. If you need socks, get yourself some shoes.

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goddamned fashion police

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Here a similar thread 5 years ago. socks and slides

The person wearing socks and slides is “Fashion Challenged”.

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According to the local authority: it is never…ever…EVER ok to wear socks with sandals.

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I get a bunch of lip if I try to wear socks with footwear similar to these. I think it looks fine. I just bought some super small little gray socks, and I think they look good together. I see kids doing it, and I like the look.
It’s not like wearing black knee socks with white sandals.
I’m thinking that if the sock covers approximately the same area of the foot as the footwear does, it’s okay? Like a liner.

Bbbbbut, that’s the question, @canidmajor! What are the current _“potential social consequences” of wearing socks and sandals? @Pachy.

Makes sense in a hot, humid area, @Seek. Comfort.

I like feet, @ragingloli. Not as a fetish, but I think feet are an interesting part of the human anatomy. I agree about the “goddamned fashion police”. Unless that was directed at a specific Fluther user.

What it has to do with gender is me, @BellaB. I am an adult male, and I asked the question. I’m not concerned with your attire, but your opinion of my potential attire. Socks and sandals are less sweaty than socks and shoes. _Don’t get prickly on me, cause I’m in love with you, in a long-distance, platonic sort of way! :-D—

Have you ever tried it, @jca? If you have sandals you like that you don’t wear a lot, socks are a godsend.

We thank you for your support, @ucme. :-)

Sandals rub, @zenvelo. Socks prevent that. Sandals breath.

Thanks @Tropical_Willie. I think I referenced that question above, after you mentioned it. 5 years is too long for a fashion question?

WHO is the “local authority”, @ARE_you_kidding_me?
Tomorrow I vow to wear flips and socks. I dare the local law enforcement to draw on me!

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@ibstubro You are trying to defend an indefensible fashion mistake. Get your self some sneakers.

Sandals breathe because they allow the skin to air unfettered.

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Socks and sandals do not go. Ever.

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It is sometimes considered a fashion faux pas.”

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@ibstubro, and Brits have been known to use a knotted handkerchief as a head covering in the sun. That it happens, does not make it an appropriate or acceptable fashion choice.

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oh no

I shouldn’t have looked at that

oh no no no

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That’s common around here, @Earthbound_Misfit. More so for men than women. It’s sort of a “biker” look. You use a bandana.

The Wiki article mentions fashion show runways where socks and sandals were featured.

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