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Can applying coconut oil before bleaching my hair prevent less damage?

Asked by pami16 (152points) September 26th, 2016

Is there anything I cand add to bleach to highlight my hair without damage or at least less damage.

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My mother was a hairstylist for several years and her rule of thumb for coloring hair was always that the hair should be as clean as possible before applying chemicals. However, I did some poking around and have seen several people claiming that using coconut oil beforehand not only doesn’t inhibit the function of bleach on your hair, it actually protects your hair and scalp during the process.

How to use coconut oil for bleached hair:

1. Coat all of your hair with melted coconut oil root to tip, at night before bed.

2. Cover it with a towel or shower cap and go to sleep.

3. Bleach hair as usual the next day with oil still in the hair.

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Use a dye with low ammonia. That helps. Keep your hair trimmed (dead ends trimmed off). That helps.

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I don’t use synthetic chemicals to dye my hair, but my dye process includes letting lemon juice sit on my hair for up to four hours at a time.

I make a point to not wash my hair for three or four days before I dye. The natural oils in the hair help keep not only the hair protected, but the scalp from burning as well.

I have no experience at all with using coconut oil.

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