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We are going to spend a week backbacking in Yosemite, leaving from Glacier Point. Does anyone have a trail suggestion or tips for what to look out for and how to break up our trip?

Asked by Emily (51points) July 21st, 2007
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I spent a beautiful 3 nights camped near Dewey Point, about 10 miles west of Glacier Point, a hefty but do-able one day hike, or a leisurely 2-day journey. Camping at Dewey was nearly ideal, we had a premier campsite overlooking the valley, directly accros from the west face of El Capitan. If you hike barely a quarter mile past Dewey Point itself, there's a wooded area right off the trail on the edge of the valley with lots of nice places to set up camp. The only caveat is that there's no water at the campsite itself, so you have to stock up before you get to Dewey. Walking west from Glacier Point, you have lots of beautiful opportunities to look over the valley, including Taft Point. You'll also cross Bridalveil creek, which was flowing strong when I was there, and was great for a swim. Continuing past Dewey point, you can get to Inspiration Point and Old Inspiration Point, and down to the valley floor if you desire. I didn't make it that far, but I know it's possible. Have a good trip!

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Do you have to leave from Glacier point? Nearby is Tuolumne Meadows, and a million trails through there. There are amazing back-country lakes, etc up there. I’d suggest that. If you’re feeling ambitious, you can park at Tuolumne, hike up and over Donahue Pass and out into Ansel Adams Wilderness Area. You can then hike South and out at Devil’s Postpile. It’s a stretch of the John Muir Trail and is pretty spectacular. You’d then have to hitch or catch a bus back up to Tuolumne, but it’s not hard.

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