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Is the job of a moderator for 2016 US presidential election debate very difficult?

Asked by flo (12974points) September 28th, 2016

Is it possible that Holter might have been easier on Clinton “Holter faces criticism”:

“Wall Street Holt faces tough test”:“
because Trump got a ton of free publicity (that Hilary Clinton didn’t) on a daily basis? As well could it be that because of the free ride lame questions by Matt Lauer, Chuck Tood, and others including the comedian Jimmy Fallen?

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I mean Is the job of a presidential election’s moderator difficult? I flagged it

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I think so. You’re going to get shit from both sides, deserved or not. Each side is trying to game the system (and psych the opponent) out to his/her advantage.

So you’re going to get crapped on before the debate and after the debate, and you’re going to be in the hot seat during the debate. This is a classic NO WIN situation.

So… horribly difficult job if you are going to be any good and have any dream of objectivity.

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Not to worry Trump says he won’t go to next debate is Hillary shows up.

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I think there are people who can do the job really well; Jim Lehrer and Gwen Ifill come to mind from the past. Unfortunately, it seems that most of the moderators and interviewers this time are either not real journalists or lightweights or prejudiced toward one side or the other.

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Thanks everyone What is the straight info about stop and frisk in NY (in the debate Clinton and Trump)

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