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Since bread is square, then why is sandwich meat round?

Asked by aisyna (963points) August 4th, 2008

if the meat is made for sandwiches shouldnt it fit the bread?

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Haha, Eddie Murphy brought that up on Raw. You could buy circular buns to put your meat in and solve the problem. But why should we compromise, those damn bread/meat companies have been screwing us for too long. It’s time we took action and demand square meat. Seriously though i suppose its more to do with it being a more natural shape. A square chunk of meat isn’t really the most appetizing thing in the world. And have no fear if the Japanese can make rectangular watermelons i’m sure they can make square sandwich meat!

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It like how hotdogs are always a little shorter than hotdog buns. And how the buns are sold in packs of 12 and the wieners in packs of 10.

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Some deli meat is square. With others, I suspect it is the traditional shape, such as salami and liverwurst. Also, there is round bread.

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Lots of lunch meats developed as ground meats stuffed into a length of beef intestine. That gives you a sausage-like cylinder, then round slices.

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Like Marina said there is round and square meat and bread both. Personally I am a fan of the Muffalato or the Poboy these sadwiches or non conformist the Poboby is made on french bread and the Muffalatto is round but so big meat does not hang out.

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here’s a previous conversation about this topic that might give some insight.

i’m not sure why i remember that this was asked before – i guess some questions just stick out in your mind!

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Bread comes in all shapes and sizes, I don’t think I have bought square bread in over a year. But I only like good bread, what can I say. So all the salami that I put on it matches perfectly. YEAH !

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Be afraid, be very afraid of square meat (and square bread, come to think of it). (<—-PnT)

Sadwiches certainly tells it all.

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Like Harp said, intestines (casings) are round, loaf pans are square-ish.

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Yeast bread is free-form, is it not? Do you ever bake yeast breads in loaf pan. I used them for meat loaf or banana breads only.. Banana bread and salami-yum.

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Did you really say banana bread and salami? I just vomited on the screen.

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My mom had a breadmaker with a round pan, so round meat would fit perfectly.

But what do you do with Rye bread? It’s oblong! spinning

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When I bake bread, it’s a free form, round in plan view, oblong in elevation view loaf.

Banana bread goes in the stoneware mini-loaf pans.

Haven’t tried baking salami.

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damien, my hotdogs are always longer than the buns…

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@shi; the humor about banana bread and salami didn’t translate. IS a disgusting idea. Hard to think of anything worse save Nixon’s mashed potatoes and catsup.

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@gail: when I was in high school I ate mashed potatoes and ketchup! Not like you’d think though… you could get a cup of mashed for 50 cents, and then I just got one of those little souffle cups of ketchup and I’d dip the tip of my spoon in it a little and then take a spoonful of potatoes. Just a tiiiiiiiny bit.

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@Poof. You jest?

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@gail: ‘fraid not. It’s good! I mean, maybe 2 drops of ketchup for an entire spoon of mashed potatoes.

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We do eat ketchup with our fries, after all…

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…and what is a fry but mashed potatoes with a crust? :)

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