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Do you have any particular milestones that made you feel like an adult?

Asked by Blackberry (31738points) September 29th, 2016

I slowly feel myself changing over time, obviously lol.

A few weeks ago I had a massive epiphany about the gift and frailty of life.

As I’m sure you’ve all seen, there were times I was a raging A-hole on here about atheism in particular, but after awhile I would look at my answers and see how terrible I spoke to people. Like many, I was another invincible strong man with a lot of pride and really didn’t care about anything.

I feel myself starting to think about others more and it feels strange, kinda sad huh at 30 years old.

I feel bad for never calling to check in on my family and friends. I was in my own world and only thought about the next drink or the next night out at the club or the next night of gaming.

Just venting but either way, tell me your stories!

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When I got married the first time. Ha Ha what a laugh. I got divorced 7 years later and have been regressing ever since :p

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Having my first child would be a big one.

I don’t know that getting married made me feel grown up. Moving in together and renting a place on our own and learning to share resources, responsibilities etc. did.

Leaving home at 17 and having to take responsibility for my own actions was a big milestone.

I was going to say losing my dad, but I think that just made me feel like a little kid.

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I think I was one of those kids, 14 going on 40. I left my family and my home country at 19 years old.

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Like you said when I turned 30 felt like started getting old. 20’s has its own charm. Once you are in 30s you start feeling these things.( At least in my case)

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Just as an aside, I don’t remember you being a raging ahole. You could very well have been, but it doesn’t stick out in my mind.

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Buying my first house and starting the first of 2 businesses when I was 23 made me feel all grown up.

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A close friend was killed when I was 19. He was pushed into traffic by gang members. He was hit by two cars. He died in the ICU. He had just turned 18 weeks before.

I think myself, and all my friends thought of ourselves as invincible at the time. The day he died, the immortal child in me died with him.
In a sense, I felt like a mortal man, and never had those carefree days of youth again.

I started thinking about things differently. Feeling the temporary status I have here on Earth. We all thought we’d grow old together. Go fishing as old men. Watch each other’s children grow up. That’s not how life is. He wasn’t the first person I knew who died. But he was ,we were, SO young, it didn’t occur to us we could die. That day was as far away as Pluto. Suddenly, it could be an hour from now, or tomorrow.

Not a positive story I’m afraid. But it was when my childhood was over for good.

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I’m still pretty sure I’m not qualified to be an adult. I think it’s because I didn’t do adolescence as such. Never sowed any wild oats.

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An early one was losing my 53-year old dad. A more recent one was my first social security check.

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Age 23 first real job (career), no room mates and complete financial independence.
Next probably buying a house at 26, then married at 32.

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When Michael Jackson stopped sexting me…

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For some reason the first thing that came to mind is me going to my room, at the age of 13, throwing myself on the bed and sobbing for an hour because I didn’t want to grow up. I didn’t like what was happening to me. I didn’t like how differently people were starting to treat me, especially boys and men. I couldn’t just be a kid any more. So many of the things I was doing, which I’d always done, was suddenly seen as something else, especially by men. It was so confusing and I didn’t want it.

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Oh jeeze, not this shit again.

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I’m out. Deuces. ...

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I got the copper IUD earlier in this month, which, as it can last for up to ten years, is a semi-permanent form of birth control. I’m really glad I did since it takes human error out of the equation and it seems like the most responsible choice for me.

@ARE_you_kidding_me @MrGrimm888: many young women begin to experience unsolicited and undesirable attention from older men as they enter puberty (and beyond…). But I guess you think women should just shut up about it and get over it?

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Not getting any women pregnant feels like the biggest milestone of my adult life. I don’t envy anyone who has a kid with an ex.

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I remember when my ex and I bought our first house (before he was my ex.) It felt so weird to be doing these things all by myself. I love that new word, “adulting.” I just stood in the living room looking around, adulting.

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@trolltoll I will not apologize for calling out what is clearly bullshit. Nobody gets to drop a deuce like that right smack in the middle of a normal conversation and not get called out for doing so.

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Nice Jellies don’t call other Jellies feelings bullshit.

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I’m generally nice but not when it’s time to be cross like this latest stab in her “men are evil” campaign.

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@ARE_you_kidding_me It’s the culture that surrounds the behaviour that is evil, not men, who have LEARNED that this behaviour is acceptable. We are saying that it ISN’T acceptable and you are telling us to shut up about it, thus, helping the culture of this evil behaviour continue. We won’t shut up. Men are not evil. They learn poor behaviour or they learn to stand by quietly while it goes on, or they learn to speak out against the bad behaviour. The great thing is, every man gets to decide which choice makes them most happy. What’s your choice?

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Nope, not getting sucked into this troll any further.

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