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Have you been a bartender?

Asked by imrainmaker (8380points) September 30th, 2016

For how long and how was your experience with customers in general?

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In college, a long time ago – I had just graduated and it was a summer job before grad school.

Clientele was young and unsophisticated (small joint near the university) and I didn’t need to know much. “Screwdriver” or “Bloody mary” was about as complicated as it got.

Customers were my age or a little older – nothing memorable. Tips were OK, but not generous. This was not a high-end place.

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A long time ago, for a few years. There weren’t a lot of women bartending back then, and I was young and pretty, so I made great tips and was treated pretty well.
I got out of it because it was distressing to see how many people are functional alcoholics, people I had gotten to know and like, people with nice families.

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Back in the ‘70s in my father’s bars and the lobby bar of a big beach hotel. I enjoyed the beach hotel. One time 300 French nurses showed up and all they wanted to do was party 24/7 with the same dedication to duty typical of nurses in general. I did my solemn best to comply. That was one very enjoyable and sleepless week.

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^^ yeah ..I can understand. You must have enjoyed beautiful company..)

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^^Yes, It was amazing. Unleashed from responsibility and with no fear and the abandon of banshees, they went fucking crazy.

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Yes in college at our house parties. We had several each year, basement wet bar set-up beer, mixed drinks. We usually had a “bridge game ” in the house mother’s first floor suite. She would entertain three other house mothers, her favorite drink was a medium priced champagne, one of the other house mothers liked sloe gin fizzes.
My date would help behind the bar, we got breaks to go up and dance to the live band in the dining room/ballroom during the night.

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I’ve worked behind a bar for three months as part of a hotel management training program, but would never call that being a bartender. It would have been a humiliating experience if the guests hadn’t been so patient and understanding.

I would like to say that it was due to being young, female and innocent, but it probably has more to do with the fact that the booze was free for two hours.

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Many moons ago, I moved to Austin, TX, and I ended up working as a “beertender”. The place was a cinder-block building in South Austin with a beer-only license. A lot of early Austin musicians and songwriters would play there.

I was the only one in the bar one night when a young lady by the name of Lucinda Williams was playing to an empty house.

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