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What do you put on your hot dog?

Asked by filmfann (47839points) September 30th, 2016

President Obama says no one over 8 years old should put ketchup on a hot dog.
Do you violate the presidential mandate?

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Mustard, fresh chopped onions, meat sauce (chili sauce) and maybe some Frank’s Hot Sauce. That is what I had for lunch with a “tray” of dill pickles slices.

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mustard, relish and onions

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Mustard on microwaved bun. Boiling water for the bbq hot dog individualy wrapped. I’m cooking one right now.

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Mustard and sauerkraut

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Depending on my mood and the state of my stomach, I like it the following 4 different ways—always with mustard
1. Relish and melted or grated cheese
2. Chili, grated cheese and chopped onions
3. Cole slaw and relish
4. Sauerkraut with mustard and melted cheese

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Mustard and dill relish. Or mustard and kraut. Or mustard. Or chilli cheese on a rare occasion. I hate ketchup on a hot dog, it seems all wrong to me.

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Never ketchup.

Mustard, onions, celery salt. Once in a while sauerkraut.

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Only ketchup. I rarely eat hot dogs.

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Brown mustard and a little ketchup. I like sauerkraut on the side.
I do not like raw onions except a very thin slice on a burger. I also like chili dogs but haven’t had one in years.

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I like raw onions, mustard, mayo, ketchup, a couple tomato slices.
Unless I go to der Weinershnitzel, where I get a chili cheese dog with mustard and onions. I have to buy three, because the first two go down too fast to taste.

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Onions mustard and ketchup.

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I like mine dipped in cornbread and fried. No condiments needed.

I haven’t had a normal one in 30 years. But I eat corndogs all the time.

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Only once in a blue moon do I eat hot dogs, but when I do I splodge ketchup on.
Obama got the age of my inner self about right though so props to him

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Mustard, maybe a little relish, or sometimes, if it’s from the grill, I just eat it plain.

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Never Ketchup.

Keep your sugar sauce off my weiner.

I prefer brown mustard and sauerkraut. I’ll slum it with yellow mustard and onion sauce if I’m at the ballpark.

Nathan’s are the best dogs. Full stop.

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I use ketchup on my hot dog fairly often.
I live on the edge.

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ballgags, tutus, sometimes a gimp suit.

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I’m hungry for hotdogs now. I’m trying to limit my nitrate meats. This isn’t helping. My favorite food is condiments. Hot dogs are an excellent condiment delivery device. They make these dried fried onion things here. Very good on dogs. But yeah. Everything everyone said.

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To be honest to lack of corndog love is kinda pissing me off.

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Mustard and kraut

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Also, onions are fucking rank (disgusting)

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CATsup on real dog meat, because no socialist, Muslim, Kenyan dictator is gonna tell THIS sovereign sitizen what to do! ;-(

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I enjoy the odd corndog, @johnpowell. Without ketchup.

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Hot dog meaning frankfurter/wiener, not a bratwurst, kielbasa, Italian sausage, or half-smoke? I put just about whatever’s available on a hot dog, including ketchup. If it’s a Chicago dog, though, I usually skip the celery salt.

I prefer corndogs too, jp, with whatever will stick on them and not fall off.

@cazzie like Funyuns?

I’ve always been puzzled by people who are irritated by things like this. Obama is not the first person I’ve heard express this sentiment—not just “I don’t like ketchup on a hotdog”, but “nobody should put ketchup on a hotdog.”

In Montreal they sell a hotdog they call a “Michigan”, which is basically a hotdog with spaghetti sauce on it.Maybe this is their approximation of the coney island / chili dog sold in Detroit. They also have a “Michigan” variant of poutine.

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Like people that are outraged that anyone would wear socks and sandals.
It is a perfectly valid fashion choice.

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I eat hot dogs with relish. Which is to say that I enjoy them.

What I dress them with is mustard (always), and some combination of hot pepper relish, dill relish, chopped onion and sauerkraut. Despite my disdain for the President, he is correct about this: no fucking ketchup.

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@CWOTUS While I am not generally a prude, I agree with you that fucking ketchup would be awfully messy!

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@Zissou the dried fried onion I’m talking about isn’t funyans. they look like this:

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I forgot about corn dogs, yummy, with mustard only.

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I eat soy dogs, not hotdogs, with mustard and ketchup. So sorry, Mr. Obama…I know that people have passionate views about whether ketchup should be allowed in the same neighborhood.

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@Coloma yes, corn dogs, mustard only! And bagel dogs!

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Mustard! I remember the first time I saw someone put ketchup on a hot dog. It was so odd to me I remember it.

My husband puts ketchup and mustard, but he wasn’t raised in America and he wasn’t raised by Ashkenazi Jews, so what can I say. Any Ashkenazi Jew who uses ketchup on a frankfurter should definitely do it in hiding.

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@johnpowell I haven’t had a corn dog in forever. Can’t even get them here. Also, reminds me of my brother (who is medically obese and has foot problems because of it). He, unprompted by me, started bragging about how well he was doing on his diet. For lunch, he only ate two corn dogs and washed them down with skim milk. I haven’t been able to think about eating a corn dog since then.

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Sweet relish and honey. I used to use relish and a little bit of mustard.

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What the hell is a corndog?

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Depends on the quality of the hot dog and the location.

Outside, hot dog stand, middling quality? I’m putting on everything they’ve got. Ketchup, all the mustards and relishes, pickled everything, sauerkraut, shredded cheese, olives, chopped onions, fried onions.

Outside, best quality grilled hot dog? straight up – no bun. I’ll put some ketchup and coarse mustard on my paper plate and dip my dogs in it.

Inside, Harvey’s? hot peppers, chopped tomatoes and lettuce, Harvey’s dills on top and on the side, mayo. Sort of a side salad balanced on a dog.

Inside, fancyish restaurant that does dogs? Chunky mustards and garlic mayo.

Outside, at a steamer truck? mustard on a squishy bun.

At home? I’m slicing my dog along the top and putting shredded cheese in the slit – then mustard, ketchup and relish on top.

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Ketchup, mustard, chili and slaw.

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@ragingloli A hot dog covered in a corn breading on a stick. It’s basically state fair food. This Wikipedia link has a photo

According to Wikipedia a German guy in Texas came up with it. I never knew that. I credit the Germans for frankfurters, but never would have guessed a German guy came up with breading it and frying it.

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Yes, commonly sold next to funnel cakes, candy apples, pork rinds and turkey drum sticks.

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^And deep fried twinkees.

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Mustard and ketchup.

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I want a corn dog so BAD now! haha

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Ketchup and mustard. Normally I hate mustard, but for some reason I have to have some on my hot dog.

@kritiper You said ketchup and mustard in the wrong order. Just sayin’~

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Oooh deeep fried twinkies.

ARE_you_kidding_me's avatar

They also make deepfried candy bars around these parts. You eat that with a knife and fork.

ARE_you_kidding_me's avatar

You can’t imagine how good that shit can probably taste. Never actually could bring myself to eat anything like that either

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I do not even want to imagine how shit tastes.

ARE_you_kidding_me's avatar

Been a topic of discussion here lately

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@Dutchess_III If in doubt, mustard rules out.

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Mustard, sauerkraut and onions, and of course the bun.
I make my own style onions boiled in a bit of water and vinegar, and once it’s almost gone, I add a bit of butter, mustard and ketchup and black pepper. So it’s like NYC styled onions.

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@ARE_you_kidding_me Haha, maybe we should try smoking out hot dogs or making rancid Porcupine hot dogs. lol

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~I tried to smoke a salmon once, but I couldn’t find a big enough rolling paper!~

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I don’t eat hotdogs. I do eat kielbasa on sandwich buns. I only add mustard. If I am involved in a meal that turns out to be hotdogs I fix a bun with cheese and hope for some potato or green salad. :)

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For those looking for a corndog, try your local fair/festival. Also, Cheesecake Factory’s children’s menu has them, and Trader Joe’s has them in frozen section (maybe not always, not sure).

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I get “State Fair” hotdogs at my local grocery store.

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Can honey garlic sausages be hot dogs or do sausage sides and toppings need their own thread?

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@BellaB I think any cylindrical meat stuffed intestine can be considered a type of hot dog. You could put whatever you want on your sausage. haha

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In that case , sauteed onions and wilted Swiss chard go well with honey garlic sausage.


In other question news: are veggie dogs hot dogs?

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Mustard, relish and onions. Sauerkraut optional, unless it’s a chili dog, then just chili cheese and onions.

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