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Has anyone you know taken a "babymoon" -- a romantic getaway shortly before their first baby is born?

Asked by whattodo2 (91points) August 4th, 2008

Where’d they go? What made it memorable?

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No. When I was in the final stages of my pregnancies, a romantic getaway would have meant me lolling on the chaise-lounge while family brought me regular milkshakes (for chronic heartburn) cleaned, cooked, shopped and rubbed my feet and scalp.

I cannot imagine wanting to travel..and whatever romance there was took place on my nice, comfortable bed. But I am speaking for myself only.

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I have a friend who is pregnant now. She and her husband conceived on a trip to Brussels. During her first trimester, they went to Europe again to Portugal, but she spent much of that time unable to eat due to nausea and new aversions to food.

She is looking forward to feeling better in the second trimester, but travel is not on her mind right now. Planning the nursery is.

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I know one couple that did it. They were filmed for an NBC special about babymoons where they drove to a spa in Sausalito California that specializes in this kind of thing. I think they enjoyed it, but then again, it was free, and they got their proverbial 15 minutes of fame (though, my buddy is never going to live it down).

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One of my employees did a babymoon with his wife when she was about 7 months. They went to the Del Coronado in San Diego, walked on the beach, had dinner at a couple of nice places and she spent a full day at a local spa. They seemed to appreciate the opportunity to reconnect as a couple before becoming parents. At least they appreciated it after the baby was born and they saw how much their lives changed!

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My wife and I did during her fifth month. We went to New Orleans for a weekend. We stayed in a very old nice hotel, did some shopping, went eat at some spectacular restraunts and just spent time with one another. It was a great time for the both of us.

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I’m 27. Lots of my friends have had kids but I’ve never heard of a babymoon.

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Before our first was born, went to Maui, Hawaii for babymoon. We still think about that time especially the first 3 months of our firstborn being mostly homebound.

We have a second baby in the oven, and my sister and family offered to care for our preschooler, we recently went to Half Moon Bay for a weekend and we call that babymoon. A nice couples time before baby is born and we felt recharged. We will try to go to Big Sur, another coastal getaway before the late October due date.

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A walk on a moonlite beach. Sounds romantic don’t it?

To help induce labor, next day came little Madelynn.

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