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What form of UGC is the most powerful for business?

Asked by Intellagirl (2points) August 4th, 2008

Which approach creates the strongest tie between customer and company? Contests? Suggestion box? Creative content?

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This is pretty vague. I assume by UGC you mean User Generated Content. This can of course take any number of forms, and the most powerful form would depend completely on what type of business you’re talking about. There is no one-size-fits-all.

Questions like this are what lead us to exchanges like this:
Business-Type: “We need a wiki! Now! Get me a wiki!”
Tech Person: “Okay, what for?”
BT: “I don’t know, I don’t know what a wiki is, but I read that they’re big, so we need one. Can you do that today? Also, can we have a web 2.0?”
TP: “I quit.”

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I see a Dilbert strip in this.

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Is this another Spammer?

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GA for ‘Also, can we have a web 2.0’!

Check out Business guys on business trips

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No, not a spammer. I was putting together a talk about UGC for B2B and just wondered what other tech folks thought of as powerful, useful forms of UGC.

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Er, if you’re using jargon like “UGC” and “B2B” it’s a safe bet that you’re not talking to tech folks, you’re talking to marketroids.

Real tech folks only care about UGC and B2B if we’re playing buzzword bingo while a marketroid blathers on.

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cwilbur – Irony points (and GA) for using the term ‘marketroid’ twice in a post knocking people for using jargon.

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We prefer the term ‘marketeer’ at my office!

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@Tone: negative clue points for realizing that I wasn’t knocking people for using jargon, but using the jargon to identify the attitude of the speaker.

Much as, if it were not clear from other information in my post, you could infer my attitude from my use of the term ‘marketroid.’

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I don’t think marketroid is a jargonistic term at all – it’s pretty clear it’s not a real piece of terminology…

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“Jargonistic”? Yeesh. Talk about something that’s not a real word, er, “piece of terminology.”

Perhaps you should utilizificate a dictionary.

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Excellent. I sure hope my abuse of the English language really got on your nerves, dickhead.

In the mean time, maybe you can check out this link for a list of Dictionaries that list ‘jargonistic’ along with definitions. In spite of whether or not it’s an actual word, the meaning is still clear from the word itself, oh, and did I mention you’re a dickhead?

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