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Are you in a circle of attention?

Asked by rem1981 (393points) October 4th, 2016

Do you need people for positivity? I don’t. I avoid these people. When I realized positivity was a mask for depression, I went the other direction. I’ve now run into another circle of attention that I don’t need—bar friends. It’s the same thing. They both need you for something but they will never drop what they’re doing to be of service to you. They’re just people who need other people for attention. Do you have a circle?

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I try to avoid it. I am very good at saying “NO,” too.

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No, the exact opposite!

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No, I don’t think so. I’m not sure, but I don’t think I have such a circle.

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As it turns out, what function does fluther serve for the participants here?

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Nope. I am am a rock I am an island. haha
I have one good and true friend and my daughter and I are very close but I don’t do drama and I don’t absorb other peoples angst and I hate gossip.
I am a very genuine sort and life is too short for false friendships.
I have been many times by others that you always know exactly where you stand with me, no pretense, no fakery.

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No, but I wish I did. In the past my circle consisted of supportive friends, some were just very successful, others were active, some depressed there was a mix. I didn’t feel so alienated. I rarely look to see what I can get out of or from people however, I do try to stick to compassionate and caring people, with a few who will challenge me.

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