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Why does my username get underlined when I try to sign in Fluther on a tablet?

Asked by flo (12974points) October 4th, 2016

Why does my username get underlined when I try to sign in Fluther on a tablet? I didn’t do anything to get it underlined. How to remove it how to prevent it?

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I don’t know.

” How to remove it how to prevent it?” I don’t think you can ! Ask a Mod.

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What sort of underline? Are you sure it isn’t just your browser’s spellcheck function?

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It is actually pretty crazy they apply spellcheck to usernames on forms. Safari on OS X doesn’t.

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But it’s underlined not squiggly red line for spellcheck. What does it (Chrome) do when it wants to spellcheck then? Very strange. It’s true specllcheck can’t be applied to usernames.
Also why did it capitalize F when it wasn’t asked to.

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I think usually when mobile applications underline a word it’s to indicate that this is the word that is in “focus” right now. So if you were to click one of the autocomplete words (in JP’s screenshot these are Floaton and Floor), the underlined word would be replaced with the word you clicked.

Autocomplete makes sense to me on username forms. People recycle usernames.

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I don’t see Floatation or Floor in the screenshot by the way.

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@flo Try this image. I have put a red box around the words.

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oh yes Thanks @SavoirFaire

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It’s also pretty common for mobile devices to capitalize the first letter of any sentence automatically. It thinks it’s doing you a favour. Obviously, your username is not a sentence… But it would appear that your device does not differentiate between different types of form fields.

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The username doesn’t always get underlined. One minute it did one time the next it didn’t I accidentaly touched something.

@JoyousLove Yes, it means well and it’s not a huge deal.

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…It may have sounded like that I think it is big deal.

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