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Why do people make scribbles when they are signing documents?

Asked by Sneki95 (7017points) October 5th, 2016

I noticed this when I was looking into some documents and saw signatures of different people. Seldom does any of them write their name clearly, most write their names very sloppily. Some of them literally just scribble whatever and make it their “signature”.

It is just being lazy or is there anything behind it?I mean, if you just scribble something on the paper, doesn’t that mean anyone can do the same and make it as if you signed it? Or is it easier to falsify a document if you write your name clearly?

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Signatures are supposed to be personal. If everyone’s signature was done in perfect, uniform penmanship (there’s a word I haven’t used since grade school!), then signatures would be more easily forged, not as you suggest. Those “scribbles” as you deem them are usually quite highly personalized and difficult to duplicate well enough to fool someone who studies them.

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For me it’s being lazy. Most of those credit card digital signatures I end up drawing a smiley face. If I’m paying an unhappy bill like a speeding ticket perhaps a dick.

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I get impatient signing my name. A signature should be consistent, so I make the same illegible scrawl every time.

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My signature is pretty much a sigil. Why? I’ve been signing off on documents since my early 20’s. Now that I am in the legal field I sign my name all the effin time. If I neatly wrote out my signature every time I would have wasted years of my life by now.

Plus, a CA ID/DL has your signature on it and in theory your signature has to match the one on your ID

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When I only had read the title, I thought you meant the doodles I sometimes do when I’m testing the pen to see if it will work, or to get it to start working, before signing.

My signature is usually pretty distinct, though its form varies. I know several people who have said they find signing tedious and so have taken to signing something simple and often even not really based on their name.

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And how do you know they are making scribble? Is there any rule saying signatures are not allowed to look like scribble? Unless there is a uniform set of rules for signatures, you can’t say people are just making scribble. What looks like scribble for you may be what the owner thinks “authentic”.

And I agree with @CWOTUS, signatures are supposed to be personal and if every signature is the same, it is very easy to force signatures.

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My signature has degenerated into a squiggle. As @tinyfaery has suggested, I’ve had to sign so many docs that my signature has just become a couple of initials and pretty much a line with a bend at the end.

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@Mimishu1995 No such rules that I know of. I was just wondering why do so many people have a signature like that.

@all Thanks for the answers.

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I asked a friend of mine why her signature is just a scribble. She said it was arrogance.

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Just laziness for me.
I noticed the bank doesn’t care if I sign clearly or just do one letter and a squiggly line.
I could write f_ck you on my deposit slip and they would still smile and say have a nice day.

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