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How do I setup to use my NetShare proxy for internet traffic while tethered to my iPhone?

Asked by fortune425 (58points) August 4th, 2008

I’m currently using an iPhone NetShare connection as a proxy for for my MacBook Air. My system-wide proxy settings are correct (they’re currently working in Safari) but I can’t get the connection to work in for ssh and other command-line apps that use a net connection.

I heard that Proxifier would do the trick, but I was wondering if there was a hack that doesn’t cost $40.

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Just goto a proxy server on your computer, it works the same way. For those transferences, use an ssh/sftp client on your computer to transfer things to and fro, that way you don’t need to use terminal, but I was unsuccessful in using an ad-hoc connection with that so you’ll have to get a wifi signal for both the computer and the phone to work on.

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The command line programs you want to use probably have to etiher be socksified or support the http_proxy, ftp_proxy environment variables. curl and wget support them, if I recall correctly.

For SSH specifically, take a look at connect.c

You’ll need the developer tools installed to build connect.c into an executable, or if you are on 10.5.3 / .4, I can send you the one I built.

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