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What is so wrong with being an elitist?

Asked by FlutherBug (1103points) October 6th, 2016

Why is it considered wrong to be an elitist? I mean, if you work really hard for something, why shouldn’t you be? Whether that’s physical, mental, educational, etc. Is it really that wrong? To think you are better than other people, who are lazier than you? Why does it have such a bad connotation?

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PS I’m not an elitist or anything, just wanted to hear everyone’s opinion :D

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Because a person’s value isn’t just in their accomplishments or work ethic. You’re not better than someone just for working harder; maybe they’re kinder.

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What if you have both, are kinder and have accomplishments?

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@Mariah What is someone’s value then? Just being a nice, sweet, kind person? I understand what you are saying. So a doctor who holds a PhD is no better than someone who smokes weed all day, lives in their mom’s basement and plays video games all day? As long as they are kinder?

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Because arrogance, mightier than thou attitude, exclusiveness, thinking that somehow you are the only person in the world that ever achieved anything and worked hard for something, seeing the world in “us and them” setting, thinking that anyone who isn’t even slightly like you is undeserving of sympathy, having a belief that you are better because you had the luck to be in the rich, developed, fancy, secure, Hollywood style place and thus got a chance to be educated, healthy, and given access to every cool thing, unlike those filthy, illiterate, poor asses whose only sin is that they were born in some shithole in the middle of nowhere, or in some “lowest of the lowest class” in the society, and were never born under the same lucky star as you. Because of thinking that you are “the cool one” simply because you did the basic human function of not being a plant and doing something to achieve shit, and having enough luck to succeed.
Arrogance, looking from above and believing only certain people deserve to have nice things, while everyone else can fuck off, because they are not good enough.

That is what’s wrong with being an elitist. Because your head is stuck in your ass.

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You know what pisses me off?
Elitists complaining that a gay furry porn comic had male characters that were drawn “too girly”, an then going off about how if you “do not care about anatomy” you should not call yourself an artist, as if the two things had anything to do with one another.
This sort of fake elitism makes me angry.

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@FlutherBug Because who decides which qualities are more important? Maybe some people do value kindness over success.

A person is more than a list of their qualities, you can’t quantify them like you’re trying to do.

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“Elitist” to me is derogatory and should not be confused with “elite” which is not. Elite describes someone or some group that has mastered something, been highly trained etc. “Elitist” describes someone or some group that has a chip on their shoulder for some accomplishment real or imagined.

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Go @Sneki95 haha! I enjoyed your rant!
There is a fine line between taking pride in your interests, hobbies, accomplishments and being an arrogant snob that thinks they are the greatest thing since Penicillin . lol

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It doesn’t matter how you perceive yourself. Just don’t be a dick.

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It’s funny how the poor & generally downtrodden like to think they alone have a monopoly on being kind, considerate & all round “good eggs”...morale high ground grabbing morons.
::Awaits the inevitable & boringly predictable feigned outrage::

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I mean, I never said that only unsuccessful people are capable of being kind. The point I was trying to make is that you can’t just compare people based on one quality (say, intellect) and then say the one that wins in that category is the better person. There are hundreds of other qualities at play too.

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Of course not, that would be ludicrous & there was no intentional reference to anything you said anyway.
It’s just that this widely held notion that the poor are the “salt of the earth” just doesn’t wash.

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Yup best answer ever :) Ha (I agree)

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Thanks. That’s what’s up.

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