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Why did I treat other people's lawns like toilet for my dogs?

Asked by flo (12419points) October 6th, 2016

Someone asked a psychologist that question. What would a great psychologist’s answer be?
The psychologist the prosecution would call would say what to the client?
I know it’s not a crime to let your dogs do it on other people’s lawns.

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There is no single answer you will hear from every psychologist. Each will have his/her own answer.

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Not illegal? Where I live, it’s a violation of the civil code.

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@Jeruba is that all over the country or just your local? Because a violation of the civil code is what it should be everywhere.

By the way @Hawaii_Jake you answered the OP while I was editing it.

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I have no earthly idea what this question is asking. Why is a psychologist being called in a dog court case?

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Pay me $190 first.

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Most places there is some sort of code, or law-like something, against letting your dog do it, and not cleaning up after your dog.

People let their dog do it for the same reason they throw cig butts on the ground and don’t think it’s littering. I’m not sure exactly what it is, but I’m guessing they either don’t realize (for some reason) it’s wrong, or they don’t care. It seems pretty self absorbed to me. Just like the people who bring beer bottles into the public swimming pools. I have many examples of people not caring about the people around them, and not caring about the rules.

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They would charge you $190 first.. Then they would take your money, and then tell you that they can’t help you. From my experience with pay for play psychologists .

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Because you secretly hate the neighbor. Your dad didn’t love you and you got traumatized because your mom didn’t take you to Disneyland when you were ten, so repressed anger stayed in you and you subconsciously take it out on your neighbor, because he took his kids to Disneyland last week.

Also, your feet stink and your dogs are assholes.


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Either passive-aggressive or just DGAF.

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Thanks all.

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