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Is there a way to modify the way finder treats folders?

Asked by zarnold (708points) August 4th, 2008

I’m really used to the way windows and linux (under kde and gnome) treat folders in a browser window – if you arrange items by type, folders are always sorted at the top of the list. Is there a way to make OS X do this, regardless of other items in the directory? Thanks!

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This is really the only issue I have with OS X. I’ve gotten sort of used to it over the last couple years, but still if I want a folder at the top I start the folder name with an underscore “_”. I don’t know how to have the folders actually sort first. I’ve looked and looked.

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Sort by Kind.

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It depends what view settings you use in finder. If you use the list view or cover flow then you can go to view > show view options (or +J) then there are more option as to how you view your files. Thats the only way I can think of.

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@PupnTaco: Yeah, that seems to work most of the time. However, I think when you use the “sort by kind” option, it sorts by the first letter of the file extension or file type, which I guess is F in the case of a folder/directory. In my applications folder, where most of the file types start with A, sorting by type will put all of my folders at the bottom of the list unless I want to read every item in reverse alphabetical order.

It seems such a picky problem, but I just wish it could be fixed/changed somehow…

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