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What do you love and dislike the most about Fluther?

Asked by FlutherBug (1103points) October 8th, 2016

What do you love the most about Fluther?

What do you like the least about Fluther?

For me it is the feeling of a community here, and that people genuinely care about the well being of others.

What I like the least, is sometimes I want to ask more questions than the 3 per day allowed, but I totally understand why they do that!

Just wanted to know what everyone else thinks :)

Happy Saturday

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I like that it’s text only, no pictures and video. You have to listen to people’s thoughts.

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That is very true! I never thought of that!

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I like the interaction, social aspect, the interesting people and questions, the sense of community and the cerebral stimulation, humor and discussion.
The only thing I don’t like are the few, very few, people that are completes assholes, but, there’s going to be a few in every group regardless, so I take it in stride. Into every life a couple assholes must fall. haha

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I like the site itself, most of the Jellies, and those little messages bellow your name.

I dislike that the chat doesn’t have sound notification when a new message arrives.

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I like that there is a large group of very caring people here who are very supportive both emotionally and financially to those in need.

I dislike the few condescending assholes that run amok. At times they ruin the overall good feelings I have for this site.

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I love that there are rules of behavior, along with some dedicated moderators who enforce them.

I love the community of kind, caring people who are intelligent, express themselves well, and want to listen and help.

I dislike several people here, but that’s life. I just bypass and ignore such people. In the real, face-to-face world, I’d avoid them; that’s even easier to do in cyberspace.

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I like the feeling of togetherness here. I don’t think I have any negative feelings not yet..)

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I like that there is a community feeling here, an intimacy not found elsewhere. It’s more personal and less volatile than other sites.

I really dislike not being able to post photos directly from my laptop to the site. If I am to post photos here, I first have to post them on one of the very public sites with questionable copyright rules. Fuck that. When someone is really interested, I can post in chat, but that disappears rather quickly as dialogue rolls in. Otherwise I must be satisfied with linking to “similar” photos already posted publicly on the net. Not the same at all.

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I have been “away’ for quite some time and I like that the are a couple of people from the good old days still here.

Back then, 2008, people were modest, polite and curious and I guess the tone has changed not only here but all over the Internet. It’s more harsh than I remember it. This I don’t like, but this is what social media has developed into.

I also don’t like that there are no timestamps on answers ;)

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@jazzjeppe :: It isn’t obvious but it is there.

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@jazzjeppe I have the same feel whenever I look some old posts or websites. Seems like back in the day people liked to have fun rather than discuss serious matters and get cynical.

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Hey…I’m all about fun with a sprinkling of serious, not the other way around. haha

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The thing I say I love most (and there is hardly anything else) is that the format is easy to follow.

Since were are dealing with the least that keeps me from writing a book, otherwise we could be here for days on the bad parts. What I least like is the useless lurve system that gives people an excuse to soapbox, filibuster, and attempt to hijack any question some do not agree on; second to that (a mere vapor above) is the insults and disrespect that sneaks by the mods, or they do not see it as disrespect, which would be troubling.

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Oh @HC, I always polish my soapbox so that it gleams. Sighs… such lack of appreciation.

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^ You have a soapbox? Guess it was really underused on the threads I am in ~~ :-D

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I love that we’re nice to each other (for the most part). I love being welcomed by a jellyfish who tells me I just lost my Nobel prize. I love being amazed by the smart things people say and seeing what great lengths strangers can go to for each other.

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^^^ I love the website having such excellent moderators, including @longgone.

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I like the sense of community, and that many Jellies are in touch on FB and there are a bunch I consider friends, even though we’ve never met.

I dislike that the site has gotten to be such a small number of people. I think the hay day was around 2009, when there were so many Jellies and a lot of activity. I joined in 2007 and it was still pretty new and slow and growing. Now it’s not new but still slow and plodding along. Maybe part of the problem is that for most people, we don’t want others that we know IRL to come here and then possibly figure out who we are. I know that’s a biggie for me. I tell very few people about Fluther. I pick and choose carefully and tell either people who I don’t think will care who I am on here or people who I don’t know that well and so if they did figure it out, it wouldn’t make much difference to me.

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@jca My daughter is a member but has been inactive for a few years now, it was a passing thing for her.
I never tell anyone about Fluther. I talk about a discussion site I go to but nobody ever asks for details and I don’t offer. Honestly, I have been here long enough where now, re-reading things I have written over the last, almost 7 years in March is like reading a diary.

I like that Fluther is my own little escape that I don’t share with my real life friends and acquaintances.

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I like that Fluther is my own little escape that I don’t share with my real life friends and acquaintances.

“The first rule of Fight Fluther Club…”

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