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Is there any proof that the violence and racism surrounding many of Trump's rallies could be a direct result of the horrible things he's said during those rallies?

Asked by Dutchess_III (43577points) October 8th, 2016

Were some people saying, “Cool! It’s OK to act this way, at least at this moment! It’s how I’ve always felt, and always wanted to act.”

Proof is good, but your own opinion, with explanation, is fine too.

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Proof? Fuck, man. Watch the tapes. He incites these guys like Hitler did at his rallies. What more proof does one need?

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Trump surrounds himself with yes men, and fires any dissenters. Thereby putting him in a bubble of unreality. I’m glad that he didn’t make omarosa the apprentice VP.

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^^What? You got something against a six-foot black woman with a whip?

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@Espiritus_Corvus Lol. No I’m just being cheeky.

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It isn’t difficult to understand why there might be a disproportionately large gathering of arsonists in a crowd gawking at a 3 alarm blaze. The Freudian treasures lurking in the audiences at Trump rallies is undoubtedly off the charts.

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I mean honestly, which candidate do you imagine has the psychopath vote “all wrapped up”?

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Has anyone noticed the curious reduction in lunatic mass shootings since the Donald rallies have gathered steam. Perhaps we owe Donald an award for public service. He is the one shiny object capable of deflecting the attention of the delusional from more “ambitious” projects. There’s no telling what sort of mischief his fans might be in were their asses not parked at his rant rallies.

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He flat out says to the crowd that he will pay legal fees if one of his followers gets arrested for punching out a protester.

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I just experienced a thing tonight

This is distressing.

So I was out on my porch having a smoke a few hours ago. I live a few blocks from the University of Oregon in a apartment building and there is a house party going on about 20 meters away.

A black guy walks up and asks if he could buy a smoke from me since he is trying to quit and needs one but doesn’t want to buy a pack. So I give him one and he says thanks. At the same time our neighbors pull in and we start discussing the horrific bone thing in the parking lot. So the smoke guy is interested and we talk about the half dog carcass that is outside my apartment while we smoke.

Then the conversation takes a dark turn.

So the guy asking for the smoke is a normal grad student that has lived in Eugene for 8 years. And he shares the story of what led him to my porch. He went to the house party and asked a guy smoking if he could buy one for a dollar. A bunch of guys started calling him the n-word and were telling him to go back to Africa. This is not the Eugene I grew up in….

So I invite the guy in for pizza and beers and he accepts my offer. I just moved in here and I am a little lonely so I was happy to have the company. So a long talk about how he can’t believe Eugene is like this now. And you might not be shocked by the timing. It started around when Trump made the racism mainstream and is exacerbated by school just starting here so 10K kids just moved in from all over the country.

He said that tomorrow he is looking for a new place that is off campus since he doesn’t want his kids to be around here anymore.

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Christ. This is the second story I’ve heard like this tonight. It’s not just us. It seems like the whole fucking democratic world is making a hard right turn. I just got word, of which I confirmed, that the third most popular political party in formerly liberal Sweden is the far right. The one that has it’s roots in the Nordic Nazi Party. The name has been changed, but the platform is the same.

Hungary is going batshit right.

The far right in Greece, represent by the Golden Dawn, is twice the size it was two years ago in reaction to severe economic austerity forced from outside bankers and a million Syrian refugees. There is a standing threat of a military coup.

Turkey just experienced a right-wing military coup. Elections are suspended, basically it is the end of what little secular democracy they had since the 1920s.

The Right in France is growing more popular and powerful daily.

Britain is convulsing with xenophobia.

I remember Eugene back in the 70’s. It was an island of liberal creativity.

The world is going fucking nuts.

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Do you think sexual assaults on women will rise if The Duck gets elected?

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I remember Eugene back in the 70’s. It was an island of liberal creativity.

I was upset too. I have lived here on and off for 40 years. I was a bit gobsmacked that such overt racism was taking place next to my apartment.

Around 5AM I was pretty fucked up and the neighborhood was quiet. Yeah, about that dog carcass that was in the parking lot. It might have made its way into a newegg box and been taped up and delivered to someones porch.

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Shit just got weird.

My mom came over to unload some boxes and the dude from last night came over and wanted to know if I wanted to smoke some weed. I barely smoke now and don’t like doing it with people around.

So 10 minutes later my mom is off buying a ounce with the guy for her roommate.

Life just got more absurd!

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