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Give us a K R I T I P E R, what does it spell? KRITIPER! Yes a new member of the Mansion?

Asked by ZEPHYRA (21499points) October 9th, 2016

Congrats to Kritiper for coming through the mansion gates!

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Congrats @Kritiper on achieving the milestone:)

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Yeah! Congrats.

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Good grief I need new glasses. I always thought it Knitiper.
Congratulations @Kritiper! Welcome to the mansion. I really thought you had been here long ago.

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Nice, good work fella

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Weeelll, congrats are in order!

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Congrats on reaching the mansion @Kritiper! :)

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Congratulations @Kritiper!

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Mazel Tov!

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Congratulations. I bet you never thought you would live long around 250 points a month.

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What is a Kritiper?

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It’s the middle of a 3 day weekend, watching the Presidential debate AND it’s a celebration for Kritiper? What more could you want? Congrats Kritiper! Welcome to the mansion. Hopefully it’s not a haunted mansion (it is October, you know).

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Congrats, Krit! May I call you Krit? =)

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Good goin’ Krip.

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Good work mate. I always like your answers. I’ve never read your profile before and you stole my line. I am a devout atheist too!

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Cheers! here’s a little party tune to kick off the festivities!

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Congo rats! Welcome to the mansion. Your room is near the pool.

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And all this time I thought you were already in the mansion. I really don’t pay much attention to those tiny little numbers next to names :)

Great job. Welcome to the mansion.

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I’m late for the party. Comgratulations!

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Thanks to all for the warm welcome. I am humbled to the max.

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