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Did you ever help your teachers prepare their classrooms?

Asked by SuperMouse (30842points) August 4th, 2008

Every summer when I was a kid we used to go to the elementary school and help the teachers set up their classrooms. We would help them hang bulletin boards and sort school supplies, run little errands for them, or help them clean and organize. I mentioned it to someone who had never heard of such a thing. Was it just my family or was (is) this common practice?

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I bused for most of my life, so it wasn’t really an option. Would I have? Only if I had liked the teacher.

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i do it but its in my moms classroom, does that count

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I always helped my mother and both my grandmothers get things ready for their classrooms. Summer vacations with my maternal grandmother often consisted of finding cute illustrations (mostly greeting cards), blowing them up with an opaque projector, coloring and shading them (get out the pastels) and then laminating them. We’d do enough bulletin boards for her whole school year. Good times.

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One of my daughters does something similar…she helps her favorite teachers clean and organize after the school year ends.

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I knew I was loved when a group of students deconstructed my classroom for a birthday. I walked in to find all the furniture turned upside-down, all computers turned around, all my posters turned around and stapled to the wall. And a Happy Birthday banner hung upside-down and backward. Meticulous.

The parent worked in the district as an administrator. He let them in to do this.

I loved it. I left it like that for the week to show off their work. It was magical!
Back to the question, I would have loved help with bulletin boards and display cases. I was really bad at it.

At one point, I hung a piece of white paper and tied some markers to the wall next to it. I put up a Post-it note that said “Please decorate”.

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Every summer I help my mom prepare for her classroom. We bought this huge treasure looking chest and decorated it, and put candy and prizes in it. All the other teachers in her grade (second) loved her idea so much they copied her. Helping her prep for her classroom is preparing me for being a teacher in the future too! It’s gets me excited..

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