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"How do you think the rest of the world is thinking of the Presidential race?"?

Asked by SQUEEKY2 (19394points) October 10th, 2016

Other countries that is near and far, from Canada to the middle east?

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I mean come on your country is supposed to be a super power, and what we have is a side show that comedy writers could only dream of.
And more mud than any mud wrestling champion ship could ever use.
That is my CANADIAN opinion.

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I concur with your Canuk opinion! (Is “Canuk” an insult?)

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Not if you spell it Canuck.
and thanks @Dutchess_III

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LOL! I suck at insulting people! I’ll try to do better next time.

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Why don’t we ask them? Let’s get our Antipodal, our European and Asian bureau heads in here.

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There was a report from Turkey on the radio today. They don’t like the idea of Trump helping Putin in Syria. And they don’t like the idea of Clinton helping the Kurds.

But that’s kind of a weird example, though. The Syrian is not two-sided, and most outcomes will both hurt and help almost everyone’s interests.

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I believe @ucme opined ,in a different thread, that he was quite entertained by the ‘election.’

Step right up folks. See the amazing loudmouth idiot, and the robot woman.

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All I can say is that it must be hard to sit in front of a tv without thoughts like “THIS is the world’s greatest nation? Superpower? Really?

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Short answer: people could care less.

Long answer: generally, I don’t see people around me caring about it that much, other than those internet warriors who like to stir up argument on Facebook. The news doesn’t broadcast it, but they do report about it and give thought/prediction… But sonetimes it doesn’t even make it first in the order. It’s like people think the election isn’t important and they need more time for other stuff. I think I’m more interested in the election than most people, thanks to my participation here. But of course I can’t give any opinion here because I lack insight.

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I second Mimi’s opinion. Here on the Balkans no one seems
to even mention Trump and Hillary. I’ve seen some short info about the race on the news, but that’s it. Honestly, all I know about it is from the ‘net. No one here seems to be much interested.

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@stanleybmanly it must be hard to sit in front of a tv without thoughts like “THIS is the world’s greatest nation?”

I know Americans think we all do this beyond your borders, but… we really don’t. And if we were ever tempted to, we most certainly wouldn’t after the freakshow that is Donald Trump and all the bizarre false equivalency claims about Hillary Clinton, the candidate who is actually qualified to lead your country.

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I don’t really care what the rest of the world thinks about it.

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^^That’s because you live in the insulated world of Southwest Florida.

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@Espiritus_Corvus We call if paradise. ;)

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That’s fine, but you are still insulated.

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