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Can i teach my basset hound to guard our home?

Asked by DW (2points) August 4th, 2008

i was asking becuse the the other dogs that are good guard i not interested in and i love basset hounds.

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Maybe from Cats

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A lot of the guard dog behavior is something that comes natural for some dogs…..I have had several pitbulls and only 2 of them were protective guard dogs, I have had a very protective minpin ( she was amazing, honestly she could have put the secret service to shame…she didn’t fuck around but she died a few years ago), my minpin I have now has the oposite personality….and really I guess that’s a blessing because she is so great with my 2 year old….
If your dog isn’t the protective type now, Im not sure if he will ever really be….maybe with a lot of training it’s possible…but I’m not an expert on this so who knows?

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In training, dogs will often imitate other dogs. I train my dog daily. Sometimes when I’m at my girlfriends, I train her dog too because she wants treats so she won’t leave me alone. If I can give one dog a command to do something successfully, usually it’s much easier to get the second dog to do it.

That being said, a dog will often bond with the owner if it’s a single person single dog household. A dog in this type of setting is more likely to become protective on his own (with no other outside influence).

I would get the dog you want then attempt to train him after you get him. You might be able to do this by borrowing someone else’s aggressive dog. When one dog is barking at the door (like in training), the other dog will likely join in.

There are more dogs then homes and I will always suggest rescuing a dog instead of paying a puppy-mill to churn one out for you. Go with what the heart tells you but at least consider looking into the dog rescues around you. Sometimes they even specialize in types of dogs. I know there is a pug rescue here in Memphis. Maybe you could find a basset hound rescue where you live.

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Only if slinging slobber can deter robbers! Two true stories: We had one named George. I heard him start up behind me as I sat shirtless on a stool watching the tube. I prayed. God has a sense of humor, for He denied my request and I got slapped in the back with a few ounces of his lung butter! I can see Jesus nudging Gabriel as they looked down and laughed at me. Next, as he was winding up for the act one day, my Mother admonished him, loudly calling his name (can you see her mouth forming the perfect O?). You guessed it – nothing but net! We all dry heaved over that one.

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I am not sure it would be very effective. He could bark (bassets have a deep bark), and maybe he could bite an intruder on the ankle, but he would not have the stature to deter an intruder.

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If anyone comes in your house with a crowbar or a gun then your dog would have to be pretty big in order to withstand even one hit from either. In this type of situation you would not want a dog under 80 pounds guarding your home.

I had assumed that you meant you wanted it to bark only. A barking dog, an alarm sign, and a gun in the dresser drawer are all different types of deterrents that you may want to consider if you are worried about home security.

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my dogs will bark if someone comes to the door, but I know they would never attack anyone, not in their nature. They turn the other cheek so to speak even if a dog growls at them. they are labradors.
unfortunately I think if someone breaks into the house, they could harm most domestic dogs if they are that way inclined. I worked for the police for many years and got really really upset at how many dogs were beaten up, kicked or even killed by intruders. also knew a police dog who would follow any criminal and he got drowned when he chased after someone into a river at night and they held his head under the water. believe me we were rough on that guy who got caught anyway.
Best thing a domestic dog can do is bark to alert you…. but dont expect them to take on a violent person in this day and age… too many weapons around.

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