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What do you make of the NY Times swapping out their original Ivins anthrax suicide story with the same story that AP and Fox News ran?

Asked by kevbo (25634points) August 4th, 2008 from iPhone

on the iPhone so can’t link, but it appears the NYT swapped out a story with part of the headline reading ”[anthrax suspect] said to commit suicide” to a totally different article. Earlier today a Google search showed the original headline in its results, but the link now connects to the alternate article. This is corroborated in discussion at Appreciate anyone else filling in the blanks since I can’t link.

Any musings?

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Occasionally mistakes happen when you have this complicated of a government cover-up.

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could have been a dodgy source that they didn’t check till after they went to press?

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My husband was working late wire at the paper. The original story for the first edition was an AP story that said “we may never know the details of the anthrax case.” Very late, the AP broke their story about the therapist and the court documents had been filed about her taped deposition in which she said Ivins was a psychotic, that his government psychiatrists had known this for years, and that recently he had threatened to kill all his co-workers and the therapist.

Every newspaper in the US immediately swapped out the first story for the second, because it had a lot of new facts.

That’s why it happened. That’s how newsrooms work.

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Thanks, Marina! That makes sense.

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Wow, a reasonable, sensible answer to what looked like a tinfoil-hat question. I love this place.

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Alot of new facts eh? Where exactly are those facts coming from?

Gerald Posner was on Olbermann tonight and had some interesting things to say.
“All we are hearing is one side of the evidence,” he said. “We’re getting it leaked out, as it always is by the government, bit by bit, about what happened. And…it’s absolutely, at best, a circumstantial case.”

Posner also took issue with the July 24th restraining order filed by social worker Jean C. Duley, after it was noted that she misspelled her job title on the forms, and questions arise over the legitimacy of the claim. Ivins was committed to psychatric care on July 10, according to the paperwork, and then signed himself out on the 16th.

“How does a biological weapons expert with fantasies, supposedly, of mass murder, get to sign himself out of a psychiatric facility, and what’s the deal with this woman?”

Duley, Posner noted, has an interesting past of her own, including drug charges, DUIs and a bankruptcy. She presented herself as a “therapist” on the restraining order, but is more specifically a group counselor whose help Ivins enlisted last month.

Here is a couple other links that bring up very good questions in this case:
The FBI’s Emerging, Leaking Case Against Ivins
Vital Unresolved Anthrax Questions and ABC News

I know alot of people have hope for change, but we must remember who is in charge right now still. Remember, we have been lied to many times before from these guys.

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Back to the tinfoil hats.

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