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Are people who have sex on a regular basis in better shae than people who do it more sparingly?

Asked by EnzoX24 (1991points) August 4th, 2008

We all know that having lots of sex can be a bit strenuous, but does it actually contribute to weight loss and muscle growth or is that just wishful thinking?

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Well, is is a cardio and certain muscle areas get a workout. I’d say yes.

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You can burn a nice amount of calories having sex.

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i heard it also helps with headaches

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@aisyna: Not true, in my experience. Yes, I’ve been made to try. I wasn’t particularly well at the time.

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For men, you do gain muscle with the more sex you have. The scientific name of the actual muscle eludes me at the moment but it’s part of the male reproductive organ.

Granted I don’t think my excuse of “Hey i want to work out tonight” has ever gone over well with my girlfriend.

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@megalongcat: Actually, the whole concept of this was brought up by my girlfriend. She claims her abs get harder and more defined after sex and wants yo use it as a pseudo workout.

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Depends on the position used standing up holding partner can be a good work out vanilla sex on the other hand doesn’t burn that many calories. It’s still fun though.

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Backing up aisyna’s comment, since I just had something about this on my Google Reader: Sex and Headaches

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@MacBean: Ahhh, “sex related headaches”. Well that would make sense. I don’t think it particularly helps with normal headaches. It’s like exercising with one. Doesn’t really help, all that bouncing around.

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Enzo – that sounds like a win/win for you, whether it really works or not! Encourage her!

I don’t think I’ve gotten in better shape because of sex, but have definetely gotten in better shape recently to HAVE sex. Always helps the confidence level if your thighs aren’t in one room while you’re in the next

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are we presuming then that noone in the world does exercise apart form sex then? lol :P

Interestingly its a proven fact that your bodies immune system does get much much better with regular intercourse.

I also believe that its a useful exercise for loosing weight or gaining it :) – it does for me!

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@cage: Losing OR gaining weight? How does that work? Flip a switch on your back? :) Or are you on about lazy vs. active positions?

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@rochard, no, gaining = putting on muscle, losing weight = loosing fat, both positives :)

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Ah okay. Makes sense. I think of “weight” as in the excess ‘fat weight’.

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Actually having intercourse burns 4 to 5 calories a minute depending on weight, according to It’s not bad, but running kicks sex’s butt at burning calories. You can burn twice as many in the same time period running.

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Well its enjoyable and it is a workout. I have had sex in some very strenuous positions and it has been a great workout!

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