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Is my wrist pain after pectoral push-ups injury or just soreness?

Asked by Trustinglife (6628points) August 4th, 2008 from iPhone

I’ve been doing push-ups several times a day and have just started doing them with my fingers facing toward each other. I have pain in my wrists. Is this just soreness or should I lay off this kind of push-ups for awhile?

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Well I used to get this all the time with pushups, so I wouldn’t worry.
just think about it… your wrists wont be used to being put in that position, especially if you’ve just started doing it. It’s awkward and you’re putting basically the whole of your body weight though that tiny load of joints, so yeah, you should expect a bit of soreness, nothing to worry about I’d say.

If you start to get bruising though, or you find that moving your wrist is physically hard and VERY painful, then you should stop and use RICE :) (Rest Ice Compression Elevation ;) )

Personally I go for the hands facing at 12 o’clock at just less than shoulder width, but thats what’s comfy for me.
Just do what feels right for you, it wont drastically effect the muscles you use, just it can make it harder or easier as the muscles have to ‘twist’ as well.

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I think you should have your hands in fists while doing pushups. Will take most of the strain away, plus it takes a little bit more balance. Win/win.

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Don’t see a trainer. Don’t talk to a Doctor. Listen to all of us.

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any sharp pain is usually a bad thing.
listen to what your body tells you.
if it hurts, lay off.
our bodies natuarally tell us to when something is wrong.
just one of the wonders of bring human.

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