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Are you stupid if you know you're stupid?

Asked by Sneki95 (6997points) October 13th, 2016

You’re stupid and you know it.
However, stupid people don’t know they are stupid. They think they are smart. So, if you know you are stupid, then you’re not really stupid, but in fact smart, except people who think they are smart are stupid and…. uh….

[blank stare]

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Gross oversimplification with logical fallacies, but funny.

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Maybe. But you’d be saner than so many others.

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No, that is the beginning of wisdom and you should run for president.

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“However, stupid people don’t know they are stupid.”

This is not always true. Forrest Gump knew he was stupid, and Forrest Gump was stupid. What now?

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That’s a difficult question. It depends on the aspect that you consider yourself horrible at. How did you know you are stupid? Do you fail academically or fail in quizzes? Or do you keep getting conned by other people? Ect, ect… Intelligence is a complex thing and at the moment even scientists are trying to find the right definition for it. Do you know about multiple intelligence? Not to mention we also need to take into account personalities. Trusting people can sometimes be judged at “stupid”.

So, to answer your question, I could be right if I think I’m stupid, but that’s only a small porpotion of the truth. You are just looking at one aspect of your life and judging yourself. You need a lot more evidence than that.

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There’s a broad spectrum of stupid.

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Stoopid is as stoopid does.

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Not as stupid as you think you are. :)

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Basically, stupid vs ignorance. It comes down to being self-aware. Stupid is a judgement call. Everyone is ignorant.

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The point made by @cazzie cannot be over emphasized. It is all too common to conflate ignorance and stupidity, and the result is that the 2 words are randomly interchanged as a matter of routine.

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@AnonymousAccount8 Well that is the problem! He knew he was stupid, but if he was stupid, he was not supposed to know it, since stupid people don’t know they’re stupid. If he knew he was stupid, it should mean he was smart, but how can a smart person be stupid? That’s what bigged me. Maybe @Mimishu1995 is right, it may be about only one aspect of mind, rather than the whole mind.

@cazzie Thanks for the article.

@all thanks for the answers.

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Oh, I think people know when they aren’t as smart as the average person, but it doesn’t cause them to reevaluate their choices.

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@stanleybmanly Routine? I rarely hear it and if I do I make the correction. That’s just too ignorant to let go by.

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Like I said… it is a matter of self awareness.

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Smart people can be stupid as stupid leans more to wisdom than book smarts. A smart person can have an affair and end up with strange lipstick on his collar he did not know he had because he had to dress in a rush to keep from getting caught. A stupid person might be smart enough to know you place jack stands under a vehicle before you start emptying the oil pan. With stupid as with those who are just dumb, situations will arise to point out what they did was either stupid or dumb, but I hardly believe anyone will attribute that being their primary condition.

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