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How many megabites do i need if i purchase a new ipod. i have never owned one?

Asked by blueknight73 (2706points) August 4th, 2008


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Ummm, what?

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Depends on how much music you want to put on it.
Do you already have a collection of music that you want to put on an iPod, or do you want to buy an iPod, then start collecting music? As an apple store employee i’d recommend an iPod nano 4gb if you don’t have any music yet. It’s a great model to start with.

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Megabytes? It depends on the size of your music collection. If you only have a few albums, go for the cheap one. If you have a large collection, go for the big one.

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The more the merrier!!!

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If you are shoping around for an MP3 player i would go with a Zune its $200 for an 80GB and really nice and easy to use they have bigger screens radio and a social feture where you can transfer music amongst other ppl who have zunes Wirelessly. but ya the more the merrier

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There’s not an “Awful Answer” button, is there? ;)


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Please do not go with a Zune.

I was originally confused, because I unsure if you were asking how much memory you needed on the iPod or how much memory your computer needed for the iPod.

It seems you were asking about the memory on the iPod, and in that case, I agree with all previous answers (besides the Zune).

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Whats wrong with Zunes they are way better than ipods

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No comment.

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If you like things that are worse than other things, or if it is opposite day, then yes, Zunes are WAY better.

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Ignore the guy talking about Zunes, get an Ipod.

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Zune is a poor man’s iPod.

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80 GB so then you will be done.

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I think an 8 MB iPod Nano would be a great starter.

(Zune bad. Don’t go there!)

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8 MB

lmfao, when are they coming out with the 16MB?

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oh gosh, I can fit both my songs on it!

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