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Have you ever turned your cell phone off and unplugged your home phone to just enjoy the people you are with?

Asked by SQUEEKY2 (14970points) October 14th, 2016

Instead of thinking about the people you are not with?

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My cell phone is often on silent. It’s occasionally dead. I will check it now and then, depending on who I am with and if they’re looking at their phone. If I’m with people who don’t look at their phones, I may go three hours without looking at mine.

I also have an elementary school age daughter, so I will check the phone out of what I consider necessity, because it’s possible I’ve been called or texted in reference to her and I need to be able to be reached if there’s an issue.

As far as my home phone, I don’t unplug it. I may not answer it, depending on who is calling.

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I have no hardline. My phone is always off. I always give the people I’m with my undivided attention.

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I don’t need to turn my cell phone off to enjoy the people I’m with, I’m capable of just setting it aside, and I do so often.

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Like @Mariah, I don’t switch mine off. It’s not usually with me unless I am out of the house. I don’t have any trouble focussing my attention on the people I’m with. You may find that Fluther users are a biased sample – I’m guessing that our ability and willingness to focus are better than average, overall.

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Fluther is my family. I do turn my phone off when I’m with my sister and my mom.

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Same as @Mariah and @dappled_leaves, I don’t need to switch my phone off, just put it aside. I know my phone is a tool, not a master, and I have the ability to use it at will. It isn’t a good idea to turn the phone off, there can be time when I need my phone unexpectedly. As long as there is something that catch my interest I don’t need my phone.

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My cell phone stays turned off when I’m at home. I know what answer machines are for too.

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I have a cell for my convenience and security (including that of my immediate family). I decide when to answer or ignore, or place in silence, or turn off altogether. Even my “landline” (actually VOIP) is likely to be muted or ignored.

Actually, my VOIP phone just rang while I was posting. It was my wife calling from out of town. I didl answer that!

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@MollyMcGuire You talked to my wife?!

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I did? Who is your wife?? @Yetanotheruser

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@MollyMcGuire It was just a joke on the last few posts…

@Yetanotheruser: “It was my wife calling from out of town. I did answer that!”
@MollyMcGuire: “Same for me…”

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Oh, OK @Yetanotheruser I thought she might be Facebook friends with me or know me from another site.

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The way this question is written makes it sound like the two things (being on cell phone and enjoying friends) are mutually exclusive. Is it not possible to be with friends, enjoy being with them and check the phone or even (gasp) answer the phone?

If I had to guess, it almost sounds like this is another platform and many rants for the OP @SQUEEKY2 to talk about how he hates cell phones, we’re all addicted to them and we’re not able to function without them.

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@jca If the phone rings and I feel it needs to be answered, I excuse myself and leave the room. It is rude to carry on a conversation with someone on the phone in the middle of a conversation between people who are physically in the room.

The only excuse I can think of to check your phone is because you’re waiting for information about an emergency or something. If you check it so you can make the next move in WWF, that is rude. If you text chit chat, that is rude. If you check FB, that is rude.

No, it is not possible. It’s distracting and exclusive. It’s like whispering.

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@SQUEEKY2 doesn’t hate cell phones. He hates the rude behavior that is associated with them. I do too.

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@Dutchess: As I said, I have a child. I need to be able to be reached. I also sometimes get a work text. If checking the phone is rude, then so be it. 99 % of the population is rude too then. Oh well.

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If it’s a valid reason, that’s fine. I stated that. Just remove yourself from your company while you take care of it.
And yeah. 99% of the population IS rude, even full grown adults who were actually taught manners as children.
I refuse to fall into that catagory.

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@Dutchess_III: I don’t remove myself from company to click on my phone and take the screen saver off to see if there’s a message or I missed a call. I never have and I never will.

If you refuse to fall into the “rude” category, that’s wonderful. I don’t think any of my friends are dropping my friendship because I click my phone every now and then, and I’m not dropping them for that reason, either.

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Ok. To each her own.

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I don’t turn my phones off when I’m with family and friends, I do put my ringer on silent when I’m in a group setting that’s like a club meeting.

I don’t need my phone off to ignore my phone. I’ll let it just ring and not answer it if the timing is bad. I won’t even check the to see who’s calling, I’ll just ignore the phone.

My phone usually doesn’t ring often, so it’s not a big deal. My phone doesn’t ring for texts or messaging.

If a friend needs to quickly take a call it doesn’t bother me. If they are constantly on the phone, whether it’s texting or talking, then that’s annoying. That almost never happens in my life. Usually when I’m with family and friends we aren’t on our phones, unless you count people I live with, like my husband, or when I have a long term guest, then they will be around when I’m on my phone or computer at times.

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Yes, and to get sleep, as it wouldn’t quit ringing.

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