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What kind of master's degree is right for me?

Asked by ArashCh (8points) October 16th, 2016

Hey guys,I’ll get my Bachelor degree in Software Engineering in 3 next months.
I was wondering what i should study in master degree according to my talents and my favorites.

About my talents…I have some kind of creativity or maybe innovation and I can find an efficient irregular solution when the regular solution doesn’t work…as a small example one of my friends couldn’t skip choosing a photo for her Facebook profile picture (because she didn’t want to add any profile picture for her Facebook account),so I gave her a a default picture of a female user of Facebook to set as her profile picture.

And about my favorites,I like android programming,I really love finding the solution,I love to solve problems using my IQ,I like logic,I like puzzles and I love conclude

But since I hate math,I don’t want to attend Software Engineering of Computer Science In master degree.

Sorry if I made you bored or tired with this long question…and thanks in advance for your help

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Why don’t you get a job?

You need some real life experience to figure out what your passion and interests are, then you will be able to figure out what you would like to study.

You contradict yourself saying you like finding solutions, logic, puzzles, etc., but you hate math. I think you need to go work to find your real interest.

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I’m not sure you should be basing your education choices on your ability to select profile pictures for people.. and Id recommend not describing that as innovation in your next job interview :P

I’d agree with zenvelo, you sound like you don’t really know what you like to do, or much about the area you have a degree in. Work experience will sort that out.

There is plenty of work in android app development, if that’s what you choose to do you should isolate the area you enjoy most (UI Design & Usability, Efficiency & Algorithms, Networking etc) and then focus your future masters degree in that area.

I’m not fully sure what you mean by math, most maths in comp sci is more just mathematical notation. If you enjoy problem solving, then logic and AI are two possible areas, both use allot of mathematical notation however.

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I don’t know where you are, but in the USA most science based companies offer payments for completed advanced degrees/classes. Some offer a stock option worth several thousand dollars, when you graduate with a Masters or Doctorate.

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If you don’t know what you want to study, then no master’s degree program is right for you—at least not at the present time. You don’t go to graduate school just because you can. You go because you have a plan.

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Couple of thoughts (and before anyone gets snarky…I suggest you take a look at my Linkedin profile)...there is a fairly strong demand for Forensic Software Analysis. Cybersecurity is an option. You might also look at UX—this would play to the the creative side.

Depending on how strong your DB skills are, especially in Cloud, I’ve had a fair number of projects in Azure…which seems to be overtaking AWS rather handily recently, although grounding in all Cloud architectures is not a bad ideal.

Riffing on Zenvelo’s comments…you might want to look at an MBA in Financial Engineering. Couple of the name schools here in NYC offer killer programs.

In the non-degree areas…I would suggest becoming a certified SCRUM Master, PMP, AGILE coach and/or a Six Sigma program will be worthwhile.

And yeah, get a gig…again, look me up on LI. May be able to point you in a couple of directions…

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