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If you could do or be a part of something completely unimaginable what do you imagine it would be?

Asked by dalynnf (9points) August 4th, 2008

I know, I know…how can I imagine something unimaginable. Let’s get crazy here friends. What if you encountered sometime that led you into an underground concert put on by U2 or an underground fencing lesson…It could be anything. What would your ultimate, unexpected, I never thought I would or could do that payoff be?

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No human mind can conceive nor heard nor seen how it is.

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um. I want to date Tom Petty. Old or not, I lubz him. LOL

If we’re not talking something selfish, I’d probably say I’d be part of the rogue mob that would erradicate every terrorist. Yeah, that sounds pretty good to me. lol

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You mean something such as I’m given the chance to go back in time to October 3, 1951 and see Bobby Thompson hit one off Ralph Branca over the leftfield fence of the Polo Grounds? “The Giants Win The Pennant. The Giants Win The Pennant.” Goodbye Dodgers! Then travel to Candlestick Park on August 29, 1966 and watch the Beatles give their last ever concert? Then off to 1969 on the rooftop of the Apple Corps. building and see them perform for the cameras? I’d dig that.

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I can’t imagine something unimaginable.

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I would be lead into a room by a man I think I know, but have no concept of ever knowing. In this room would be my own mind, everything it has ever seen, ever heard, ever anything. I could walk through any memorie as if I were living it that very moment… I could feel everything from every moment I have ever lived…I could make myself everything, or I could choose to make myself nothing. I would have absolute control over everything, including that which I could never imagin.

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The Justice League, I’ve always wanted to include a superpower in my limited repertoire of skills.

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I want to be Buffy the Vampire boyfriend is Angel of course.

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I’m with Indy in this one. I’d particularly want to make one of my recurring dreams a reality, that being having the super-ability to fly. I think that’d be quite a rush, but perhaps quite peaceful as well.

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To help build some sort of device or system that takes care of everything for everyone forever. No more wars, hunger, disease, etc. Not exactly along the lines of the Wyld Stallyns but same eventual goal. Call me a totally unrealistic hippy but it would be great just to contribute a little to something like that.

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I would want to have a non-profit that truly focused on ending world hunger—and really accomplished this.

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Ok. Then I’ll be Willow.

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I would be caught up in a worldwide grassroots movement to eradicate pollution, eliminate global warming, make agriculture, forestry, farming and fishing sustainable. It would build speed and change the ideas of everyone about what was acceptable in only a few years.

(Sort of like what happened with cigarettes. Who could have imagined that?)

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okay tiny, now we have to find a giles and a xander.

And forgive me If I’m not your friend when you get all evil….

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I come with my own Tara, so that’s a bonus!

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I would do something altruistic like marina and lindabrowne – then I’d take off on a sailboat with George Clooney. Every time we stopped at a port, I could decide whether to keep George or pick up somebody else – Mark Grace, Sean Connery, Roger Clyne, Jon Bon Jovi, etc etc

Gotta go jump in my pool and cool off!

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Rough party with Oasis (that would end up in a “one night in prision” experience probably)
I wanna be a “Jumper”, I’d love to have “the butterfly effect” disease, date Lindsay Lohan and show her that life is more than a one big party 24/7

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@tiny: When you said Willow, I’m thinking Mad Martigan, Meegosh, and Burglecutt. Wrong Willow? lol

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