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Who said it, Trump or Clinton [see details]?

Asked by ucme (46210points) October 17th, 2016

A simple little quiz to take if you feel like it, post your score & how easy you found it & remember…no one likes a cheat :)

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4,8,9 wrong. So, I got a 7 also.

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I only scored 5, despite getting 4 right in the first 5, peaked early

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@ucme I wouldn’t expect someone outside of America to get the majority correct.

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@JLeslie Yeah, most were essentially educated guesses.

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Half of those lines have been playing over and over again on the television here in the US.

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I got 6/10, but I don’t spend half my life attached to 24 hour news channels, so I wouldn’t hear the lines playing over and over again. Taken out of context, many of those could have gone either way.

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@Seek Yeah I think that was the point of the quiz, if there was any, all of the chosen quotes could have, in theory, been said by either of them.

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What’s interesting is I had to guess on a few, like everybody here I think, but what about the people who are absolutely sure Hillary said a given quote, and it turns out to be Trump or vice versa. That to me is really telling. I saw something like that on TV not long ago. Some reporter on the street stopping people and asking them which candidate is for what, and people got all sorts of stuff wrong.

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The quiz is one of those little mind tricks to convince us that the 2 evils are equivalent. The truth is that this is decidedly NOT the case.

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^^Interesting way to look at it. I didn’t feel like any of those quotes were important enough to make me feel like the candidates are equal.

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7/10. This is obviously the media’s fault.

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Wow..No 8 & above until now?

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I don’t even follow the elections that much. I guess I’m good at guessing.

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I found myself second-guessing a lot. They only give a sentence or two and I suspect they went looking for lines you might think the other said if you only saw those lines.

So it’s amusing light fun if you can ignore for a moment how frightening and horrible this campaign has been, and the abysmal depths it has sunk to, and the seriousness of the crap the world faces whilst our government and media and culture are so messed up.

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