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After ten years and nearly 200,000 Fluther "quips", what are your all-time favorite threads?

Asked by Espiritus_Corvus (17269points) October 17th, 2016

I want only nice people to answer this question.

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following this to get all the epic questions, besides the ones I’ve found

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Okay, brace yourself, i’m going to get terribly serious & mature here.

My absolute favourite Fluther moment hands down is when the gorgeous Alyson (@Seek) posted a video of herself seated in what can best be described as a comfort room. She’d been feeling pretty low & wanted to thank her friends here to show how grateful she was at the time for this place & the interaction she enjoyed.

It was such a touching piece, to see & hear this girl, beautiful on the inside & out, sharing her personal thoughts on how folks here helped her through hard times & made her feel at home.
I’m not going to lie, part of the reason why I adore this vid so much is that even little me got a mention, even though she did refer to me as a “goofball” :D
I remember showing this video to the wife & kids at the time, it was a few years ago now, & they all thought it was lovely too, my wife was like all, “aww”
So yeah, that for me remains very special :)

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You are a goofball. And I’m better at painting jellyfish now. <3

And you remember, goofball is high praise. _

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I loved that!!

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I did too!!

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Gosh. It is with fondness that I remember mentioning “food stamps” and “slippers” in the same sentence.
Also, “Indians.”

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<audible gasp> The painting, how could I forget the painting? ;-}

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There have been almost 3,300,000 quips at Fluther.

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Jesus Christ, Dutchess. I saw your totally unfamiliar posts above and a chill of early senility went down my spine. Let me know next time you borrow my avatar.

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the only one I can think of was “YARNPALOOZA” (some called it YARNPOCALYPSE)

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The thread celebrating everyone changing their avatars to astrochuck’s had me laughing for days!

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The April Fool threads on the Jelly section, hand down! Too bad the Jelly section only stayed for one day. There could be even more quips if it was still there.

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There was a thread where 2 jellies were going to meet up for the first time. One was from across the pond and one from New York. They were going to meet in San Francisco. It was the most adorable thread. He was counting down the days they would meet in “sleeps”. As in 3 more sleeps until we meet.

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LOLL!! So sry @Espiritus_Corvus! Giggle burp*

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I have fond memories of the Yarn Pocalypse.

I remember a good question asked by the long lost Jelly Bri L, which was something about “Do you have any tips for your fellow Jellies?” All kinds of tips about every topic you can think of were on that thread.

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@chyna: Was that the couple that ended up getting married? I think so.

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When a jelly passed & we got to see people speak their hearts openly about that wonderful person.

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@jca Yes they did.

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Got to have been the thread about the dearly departed Gail. Incidentally, it’s almost been a year since she passed.

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Talking about threads in general, (Social/Meta too :D) I have 2 types I like best…

1) Fun, joke filled with tons of banter where everyone’s on the same page…a butthurt free zone.
2) One which encourages debate in a free flowing, non agressive, fucked up ego trip kinda way.

These type are still out there, if you look hard enough, but sheesh…there’s always one dipshit.

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Remember when we did auto files of our voices so we could hear each other’s accents? I liked that one.

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I remember! Richard Henry had a beautiful London accent.

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I always enjoy the game threads like TJBM and 5-words.

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There are several.
– The cool “Marriage Proposal” between two Jellies
– The cryptic question from Shells that generated confusion, speculation, and hilarious responses.
– The sarcastic response from @Fiddle that, “Yes, it is a nose” on the NSFW question.
– The Yarapocoplypse was a brilliant maneuver, and I am thankful that it wasn’t missed, although I had no idea what the cause was at the time.

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Oh wow, totally missed this somehow. One of my favs. was the cactus up the ass Q. and yes, the cervix/nose confusion and the voice sharing Q. where I posted my phone number one night for a few minutes and had the pleasure of speaking with several jellies. Good times!

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