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Who here hopes the Iraqis totally kick ISIS ass in Mosul?

Asked by Espiritus_Corvus (17269points) October 17th, 2016

The rich oil fields of Mosul is the by far the main source of finance for ISIS ops worldwide. ISIS has been in control of the area for the past 2 years and have blossomed into an international force and aligned with and financed other brutal terrorist groups such as Boko Haram in Africa.

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I’m a Canadian and I hope they kick their ass out of there.
And I hope they do it with little to no help from the west, just to show isis that they mean fucking business.

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Roger that. It’s going to take some major house-to-house, block-by-block fighting to keep the civilian hostage casualty rate down once they reach the city. But I’m all for it. And we don’t have any boots on the ground except for a few advisers. I really want this to happen. Get these fuckers and their source of revenue and chase their asses into the Raqqa Valley and let Putin annihilate them.

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Bruh, who doesn’t? Although it’s not gonna happen that easily, no way they would pull it out without help…

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You’re probably right. But it’s possible. Anything is possible.

The world wants this really bad. If the Iraqi’s do run into trouble, they will be assisted. Either way, this is gonna happen.

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Who cares? So they get Mosul today, they will lose some other city tomorrow. And the war keeps going on.

No one will ever win this – they will be killing each other for another decade.

Lost cause….

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Isis is being ground down. The depressing truth is that even under the combined pounding of our air assets, Russian air power, Crack Iranian gound troops, Assad’s forces Turkey’s considerable logistical support , and Iraqi regulars, Isis stands up to all comers. They’re losing ground, which puts the lie to their vaunted prophecy and the justification for their existence. But it’s difficult not to notice that Isis has put on a better show militarily than can be matched by any state in the region excluding Israel and Iran. The bandit is correct. Driving Isis from the field achieves little in the way of settling things down. The rebels don’t stand a chance in hell against Assad as long as Iran and Russia have his back. The big question remains what we are going to do after Isis is driven from the scene.

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Well at least they will be driven off from one area, right? That’s something, I guess.

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ISIS supply of foreign fighters is what keeps them on. And less people wants to rally a loosing cause than a winning one. Hopefully, the Iranians and Iraqis can damage ISIS’ allure for good, by killing as many of them as possible in Mossul.

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