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Are VW passat wagons good cars?

Asked by ninafreeman02 (6points) November 11th, 2006
We just bought a 2002 with very low mileage. Know anything else about the car that might be helpful?
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Volkswagens in general are very well engineered cars with abysmal quality control problems, which is an odd combination. Volkswagens have a very high rate of repair issues and customer dissatisfaction, but they are also highly rated by their satisfied customers. Apparently, you either get a really good one or a really bad one. It might be very important for you to find a good repair center.
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hossman is right on the money: if you got a "good one", you'll be happy with your vw for years. my 98 jetta was generally great, but had very frequent tiny little things going wrong which drove me insane. i feel like if they had spent another half hour with it at the factory checking over everything, it would have been a perfect car... my advice is to pick a number in your mind, a sum of money that you're willing to spend on the car in repairs. and once you hit that number, sell the car.

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I <3 VW's. Volkswagen anything is a great choice for the price range.

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