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WIl only jellies and roaches survive?

Asked by btko (2816points) August 4th, 2008

Maybe not the world, but certainly the oceans
(The article is about increasing jelly fish populations).

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No, not if we start seriously working on ozone depletion, carbon emissions, and cutting back on chemicals.

I think it’s like a old smoker. The earth’s ability to recover will amaze us if we just stop poisoning her.

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Yeah for sure! Think it’s possible though? I have some doubts.

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We humans have a fantastic gift. That gift is our number. There are so many of us and so many different types of us, that no matter what happens, there will always be survivors, even the day the sun dies and burns itself out, we will travel to another planet, heck, maybe even Mars, if we move it far enough away from the sun. OK, so I suppose I should reduct my previous statement and say this, we have two gifts, our numbers and our hands.

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Don’t forget about those pesky little mosquitoes, matter of fact, all the insects are enjoying this year-round subtropical temperatures. Sad to think of it but if we don’t alter our current course, vermin may rule the world, resulting in widespread malaria and intestinial diseases like tapeworm. Just another reason to worry more about Global Warming. :)

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I saw a pretty cool bumper sticker today “If the Earth dies, we die. If we die, the Earth lives.”

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@jtvoar16 – I think that’s a little too optimistic. The nearest star that we could even dream of getting to is 4.37 light years away… and who knows if anything is even there to get to.

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