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So, if you had to have G. W. Bush or Trump run your lemonade stand,which one?

Asked by MrGrimm888 (16809points) October 19th, 2016

As is.

Attempt to be serious.

Understand if you can’t.

If you know their history, they both failed upward.

NO third option.

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I can’t stand either of them, but Trump would probably be funnier and draw a bigger crowd.

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He’d run me into massive debt, but Trump would steal the profits, borrow against the business’s equity, and run off with THAT, too.

If I’m going to lose the shirt off my back, at the very least don’t want my lemonade establishment sued for discrimination or facilitating sexual assault.

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GWB. He likes a good drink, and AFAIK doesn’t assault people, doesn’t blatantly offend at every chance, nor talk about hypothetical shooting sprees he could get away with, he doesn’t look like a monster, he’s better behaved.

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Well, if Trump was running it, it would be the BEST BEST BEST lemonade until the stand went bankrupt.

On the other hand, if GWB owned it, I would have to worry about its quality, whether arsenic was mixed in, and whether it would kill me 8 years later.

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GWB. he can serve Trump a nice tall glass of my Cyanide laced lemonade.

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Trump has some idea how to run a business. He’d destroy the lawn under the lemonade stand, and he’d refuse to pay wages to the kids who staff the stand, but at least the place would operate and generate revenue.

Bush, by contrast, failed at a series of enterprises and had to be bailed out, continually, by his father’s admirers.

@Zaku “He likes a good drink” Even though I have no good feelings for the man, I need jump in and mention that he’s been a clean-and-sober teetotaler for many years.

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GWB for sure. I like his accent. I don’t worry about him alienating customers.

The business would probably take a slow slide to the bottom but it would be qiuet and easy and there wouldn’t be aggravating lawsuits to deal with later.

I kind of like his goofy grin.

Mrs. Obama seems to be cool with him, so maybe she’d come hang out. Sort of a win-win there.

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I can deal with an idiot but not a loathsome monster. Other than worrying that GWB wouldn’t know how to squeeze a lemon, I’d let him run my stand as long as he had a book of instructions with large type and lots of pictures.

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GWB seems like a fun guy and he went to Yale, so he has a decent education.

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While Bush did go to Yale, there’s little evidence he paid much attention in classes, especially History. (“Those who fail to learn from the past are doomed to repeat it. ”)

And it’s likely that the primary reason he graduated at all is because of his Father.

If comparing schools, UPenn and the Wharton School of Business aren’t exactly chopped liver either and I’ll bet that Trump paid more attention in his classes than Bush ever did because this was his primary area of interest and motivation since he wanted to follow in his Daddy’s footsteps.

There’s little evidence that Bush had any interest in anything academic at all. He was too busy being the cheerleader/flyboy/ when he wasn’t busy downing beers like water.

Not that that makes Trump a superior human being in many respects, primarily social/moral but I don’t see Bush as better educated just because of Yale.

But at least he was raised with some scruples and common decency and apparently it stuck. He’s just not into alleycatting around like Trump and is much better house trained, socially speaking. Bush Sr. and Barb raised him right in that respect and that is a large part of the reason (money and connections aside) why he was so electable. If he had been as predatory, prejudiced obnoxious and rapacious as Trump, no amount of connections or money could have overcome that.

But he was just such an incredible dumbass that it’s difficult to focus on anything else. Trump is willfully ignorant in so many areas and that’s what makes dealing with him so difficult.

But, as dumb as Bush is, at least he wouldn’t totally ruin the reputation of the lemonade stand as Trump likely would so I’d reluctantly choose him. But, OMG, he is dumb as a bag of rocks.

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I would trust a hundred Bushes ahead of one Trump. Ahead of even one-tenth of a Trump.

The Bushes subscribe to the principle of common decency and don’t think they’re better than God.

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My gut reaction is Bush, although I have to say that everyone I personally know who has interacted with Trump says he is great in person. Very hospitable, congenial, polite, etcetera. Hard to believe after everything we have seen of late. If I did have Trump run my lemonade stand I would have to carry sexual harassment insurance I guess. Oy. I’m sticking with Bush.

Yale and Wharton are both prestigious, and I would say the Wharton school of business’ MBA program has an edge over Yale. I think Trump has a BA from Penn? Bush did his undergrad at Yale, and has an MBA from Harvard school of business. Is that right? Harvard ranks number one I think for the MBA program. Not that it matters.

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Bush over Trump. I wouldn’t trust the Don to deal ethically with my customers or suppliers. Then there’s the matter of dealing with his urge to slap his name all over the exterior of my lemonade stand.

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GWB I will be in deep debt before it even began. He will convince me that I must borrow a tone of money to build the biggest and best lemonade stand and then pocket the money and count it as a loss for him in taxes and I will be left having to pay the vendors he never paid and no one will buy my $1000 dollars lemon aid drinks.
The worst that could happen with GWB, is he wanders away from the stand or drinks it all because he’s a pale man sitting in the sun. No big loss.

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GWB would sell one bottle then put up a “mission accomplished“sign and smugly congratulate himself for the rest of the day. Trump would sell no bottles as he would be too busy sexually molesting potential customers.

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Yeah, and if GWB brings in investors like past endeavours he has had he might have one of Bin Ladens half brothers come aboard. It might be bad PR for your business.

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LOL. Great answers.

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@Pachy GWB would probably end up trying to read it upside down.

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I’d have to go with GWB because Trump seems to frighten both children and adults, which would be really bad for business. Even though they both have failed, and they are both lie about their failures, Trump seems like a bigger failure and he’s a much worse liar. The only thing Trump would have going for him is that I’ll bet nobody respects and knows more about Lemonade than he does.

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I would go with GWB, because he’s nicer. Of course he would fail to sell anything, get into a turf war with the other kids selling lemonade, borrow money to improve the stand, but only to buy a bigger/better slingshot…So you get my point. Trump is an idiot, and the world should be afraid if he gets into office.

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@amr500 . Welcome to fluther.

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