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Do you have to scroll all the way down in order to log out if using a tablet?

Asked by flo (13313points) October 19th, 2016

Is there a way of making the “Log out” appear immediately (instead of scrolling through sometimes even close to 100 answers to an OP)?

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On mobile devices also need to go down for that. But why bother logging out? Just keep logged in.

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When I want to get to a certain part of a long thread more quickly on mobile devises, I use the browser’s “find on page” function and type in a phrase that’ll get me there. “Follow” works well to bring me up to the OP (works whether the button reads “follow this question” or “stop following”.) “Answer” works well to bring me to the bottom. And I just tried “Logout” >> it brought me right to the logout button, although jumping to the textbox with “answer” gets you practically there already!

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I never log out so not a problem for me:)

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@Soubresaut has it. You find the ‘Find on page’ option if you tap the three vertical dots in the address bar header that appears as you scroll. Once you have found the place you want, tap the x to close the Find in page option.

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No, on my iPad the log out is right below those welcoming messages.
On my phone I have to scroll down to the bottom of the page.

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Thanks everyone.

By the way if a stranger asks you if he/she can use your phone for emergency what do you do before you hand it to him/her?

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