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Without Googling can you list, in order, every president who has presided in your lifetime?

Asked by Dutchess_III (42442points) October 20th, 2016

OK, I was born in 1958, and I think Eisenhower was president then (It’s weird because I think of Eisenhower as an old timey president, like Lincoln! Probably because my knowledge of him are all in black and white.) Then JFK (who alive could forget JFK.) Then Johnson. I think I’m missing someone, because the next president who comes to mind is Nixon. Then Carter (first president I was old enough to vote for,) then Reagan, Bush Sr., Clinton, Bush Jr., Obama. I think I have something mixed up.

Your turn!

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I was born during the Reagan years. Then George H. W. Bush (my dad voted for Dukakis; I pulled the lever). Then Clinton, then Dubya, then Obama.

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Does the President serve or does he preside? I don’t think he “resides.”

For me, it would be whoever was after Kennedy. Johnson? Then Nixon, Ford, Carter, Reagan, Bush, Clinton, Bush, Obama.

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Can you name every German Chancellor?

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You forgot Gerald Ford.

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@ragingloli It seems like it’s been AM forever.

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Yes! I knew I was forgetting someone!

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Reagan x 2
Bush Sr.
Clinton x 2
Bush Jr. x 2
Obama x 2

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Bush 41
Bush 43

I’m a youngin’ :)

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@ragingloli, no, but I can name “der Alte,” Konrad Adenauer.

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In my lifetime yes. Before that, not a chance.

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I used to be able to recite all of them in order. I’ll see if I can just do those from 1900 to present. The mnemonics are that I’m very familiar with their carriers and the problems of the times they served in, so when stuck I just remember what happened, say, after Taft.

Theodore Roosevelt
That quiet dude from the Northeast…“America’s business is business” guy.. Coolidge
Bush I
Bush II

The two hardest to remember are Coolidge and Harding, but all I have to do is remember the Roaring Twenties and they come to me. The assassinated presidents are the easiest and I always remember who followed them and that leads to the next guy. Being interested in history helps.

*My first President.

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Ooops. I missed Ford.

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Without Googling, reading previous posts, relying only on my memory, here goes:

G H W Bush
Bill Clinton
G W Bush
(and assuming I live three more months) Hillary Clinton

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Funny that two of us missed Ford! LOL!

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^^Easy to miss. He was a stand-in. The only things I remember about him were his clumsiness—weird for a former first-string college football player—and the Squeaky Fromme thing. He just held the county together until we could have an election.

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I won’t be dating myself in this fashion.

Nice try.

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I really don’t care how old you are. That has nothing to do with why I asked this question.

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My fellow sexygenarian, @Yetanotheruser preempted my answer.

Therefore, I’ll try to name as many VP’s as I can during my existence:

Truman’s VP- I don’t know. However, we were still living in Canada.
Eisenhower- Kefauver or Nixon for his first term. Nixon for his second.
Kennedy- Johnson.
LBJ- Hubert Humperdinck, I think. ;-)
Nixon- Agnew
Ford- Rockefeller?
Carter- Moondale
Reagan- Bush
Bush- Quayle
Clinton- Gore
Bush- Cheney
Obama- Biden.
Clinton- Kane.

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Wow! Really good job!

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@Brian1946 That was impressive. I can remember a VP for about five minutes after election day and that is about it. Good job.

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@Brian1946 Great job. I also so not remember Truman’s VP. I remember hearing Kefauver’s name, but I’m pretty sure Nixon was Ike’s VP for both terms.

BTW, LBJ’s VP, HHH was actually Hubert H. Humphrey.

Mr. Humperdinck of that era was singer Engelbert.

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@Dutchess_III @Espiritus_Corvus



Great job remembering the presidents all the way back to McKinley.

I knew them back to Wilson and that those other 3 preceded him, but not the chronological order of their respective terms.

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I looked it up. Kefauver was Stevenson’s running mate for VP.
I remember seeing one of Stevenson’s billboards in 1956: “Stop Ike’s blunders abroad”. That was in Los Angeles.

“BTW, LBJ’s VP, HHH was actually Hubert H. Humphrey.

Mr. Humperdinck of that era was singer Engelbert.”

Would you believe I got them mixed up because they look so much alike? ;-)

Next you’ll be telling me that Carter’s VP wasn’t Walrus Moondale. ;-o

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@Brian1946 It’s easy to remember the first three, really.

1) We started the century out with a tragic assassination.

2) Theodore Roosevelt was McKinley’s VP. When the assassination occurred he was camping up in the Adirondacks and it took two days to ride in on horseback and recover him.

3) Taft was Roosevelt’s Secretary of War, but because TR preferred to manage the Armed Forces himself, Taft became Roosevelt’s go-to confidant and secret ambassador in many extra-constitutional missions abroad. Nobody—not the congress, nor the cabinet—were consulted in these dealings. Taft’s arrangements with Japan, under TR’s explicit orders, eventually led to a mess that TR’s fifth cousin, Franklin Roosevelt (whose wife, Eleanor, was also TR’s niece) was forced to confront starting on December 7th, 1941.

Outwardly, Taft was seen as the ultimate hand-shaking, back-slapping, Jolly Fat Man, a kind of benevolent Father Christmas figure, TR’s goodwill ambassador to strange lands, and he rode into the next presidency on this popularity.

It’s these little tid bits that make it easy for me to remember these guys. History is a seamless, flowing story.

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Kennedy, Johnson Ford, Nixon, Carter, Reagan, Bush, Clinton, Bush, Obama

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I remember watching the 1960 Democratic Convention with my dad. He thought Stevenson should have been nominated. This was when nominations were more likely to be made in smoke filled back rooms.

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I remember watching the Kennedy/Nixon debate with my parents. Nixon looked evil. Eight years later and for the next six years after that he proved his face didn’t lie.

We were all sent home from school early on Friday, November 22nd, 1963. The next morning while searching for a channel with Saturday morning cartoons, I saw Oswald shot live on TV. I spent the rest of the weekend serving as an alter boy in a long series of Requiem Masses. It rained all weekend. Very gloomy, very depressing.

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The only thing I remember about the days following Nov 22nd, 1963, was running in from outside to see JFK’s funeral procession. I was 5. My 3 year old sister was hot on my heels. We had doors on pneumatic hinges that SNAPPED at the last instant. Yeah, she got there just in time to somehow wind up with her pinky finger on the door jamb as it SNAPPED shut. My memories of the horse pulling the casket are all mixed up with screaming and blood.
We found the tip of her finger, stuck to the door jamb, 2 weeks later.

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