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Can one get bed bugs from sitting in the grass?

Asked by RedDeerGuy1 (17713points) October 20th, 2016

Three years ago I had bed bugs and I wondered where I got them from. The only thing I can think of is sitting on the grass or staying a day in a hotel.

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Probably every hotel room in the world has been over run
with bed bugs. Then you bring them home with you in your
clothes and luggage items. You stay in a hotel and chances
are really high that you WILL get bed bugs. You and the next
customer that stays in that room. The bummer part is that you
bring them home and infest your own bed etc.

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No, you’re not getting bed bugs from the ground. The hotel is much more likely.

Best thing to do is wash all your vacation laundry, including your travel clothes, in hot water and dry them in the hottest dryer you can find, the second you walk in the door at home.

We got bed bugs from a visitor who stayed on our sofa bed for a few days.

It took three years, four couches, and painting the living room walls to finally get rid of them.

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Hotel more likely but I’ve stayed in many hotels and never gotten them.

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^^You party animal. You actually have to stay in the room to get the bed bugs.

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Not just squatting in the lobby??

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You could get ‘red bugs,’ or ‘chiggers’ from the ground. They’re pretty small. Maybe they could be confused with bed bugs. My understanding is that bed bugs frequent crotches , inner legs, and armpits. If you have symptoms there, it’s possible.

Aren’t you in Canada? Can’t you just get a free doctor visit? Am I that ignorant of Canada? ~~

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It was the hotel.

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