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Dream analysis question?

Asked by Judi (39875points) October 20th, 2016 from iPhone

My recurring dream. I’m holding a glass in my hand and it shatters. I’m always surprised. Sometimes I strike it with something in my right hand while holding it in my left and I’m still surprised when it shatters.
This has to speak to something in my sub conscious doesn’t it? If it only happened once I wouldn’t think so but this is recurring. I put this in social so people can discuss their own dreams as well without worrying about being off topic.

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I don’t know anything about dream analysis, but I’m skeptical.

However, I do have some recurring dream tropes.

In one, I’m trying to run from something – a kidnapper, or someone trying to hurt me, or a tidal wave, or whatever – but my body’s too heavy to move (like I’m trying to run through sand or something), and I try to scream for help but I can’t make any sound.

Another is my son falling (usually after climbing stairs, and the floor on the top isn’t there, and he falls), and I can’t catch him.

I generally have either really scary dreams, or really bizarre dreams.

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It is your brain’s way of telling you: “Come on! Newtonian physics is not that hard!”

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You think a lot about breaking fragile things.

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I never studied Jung, but I think that he had a lot to say on dreams. I also think it was him that said all parts of our dreams, including people and maybe objects, are parts of us. Or, situations even. Perhaps you feel you are holding tight to a situation that is fragile. A fragile part of you? A fragile situation, a relationship that is difficult and fragile.

The mood of the dream is so important too. If your mood is frustrated about the glass it could also be a reflection of the feeling about this particular part of you, relationship or whatever.

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Are you pregnant? Or hoping to be? A baby is fragile. Or one of you family or friends might be pregnant.

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@RedDeerGuy1, I hope not! I’m 55 years old!

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It represents something precious but fragile for which you have responsibiliy and which you fear losing. I can’t tell what that might be but it is something important to you.

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@Judi Maybe a friend or family member is pregnant?

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There’s a frustrated opera singer in you trying desperately to get out :)

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I had a rather disturbing dream just last night, our house staff had revolted & well, cutting to the chase here, I was lay naked on the dinner table with an apple stuffed in my gob & a large pineapple inserted betwixed my arsecheeks.
What can this mean? All I know is, I woke up in a cold sweat & immediately cancelled breakfast…hold the fruit salad, I shall just have toast

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Interesting dream.

The ‘canonical’ way to intepret it would be to use spontaneous word associations to uncover the meaning of each of the dream elements. So for instance: the glass. When you think of that glass, what notions or words or images come to your mind, immediately and spontaneously? Then: what do you strike the glass with? What comes to mind when you think of that thing you use to strike the glass? Then do the same process with “break”, then “surprise”. etc.

The principle is that each dream element symbolizes something else, but that symbolism is personal, it’s hidden deep inside your mind. The symbols I use are different from the ones you use, and even the same person can use different symbolism in different dreams. The symbols are supposed to drive your word associations too, and can thus be revealed this way.

Once you understand what the glass symbolizes for you, in that particular dream, and what the “surprise” means etc., chances are you’ll be able to understand the message of the dream. Best done with somebody else prompting the elements to you and collecting the answers. Somebody you’re not afraid of sharing embarassing secrets with.

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Are you a righty or a lefty?
If your left hand isn’t your dominate hand that may mean you have a light grasp on something delicate. Your feelings maybe.
If your right hand is dominate than maybe it means you want to break free of your fear by using all your strength. You are startled because you may find it’s easier to do than you thought it might be.

If your left is your dominate hand than maybe you feel sure of yourself but find that part of you is slightly undermining you and no matter how firmly you are sure of yourself, you are surprised to learn that it actually takes very little to make you feel uncertain. Not something that is being caused by outside, but an inner battle you have with yourself. There’s a tiny little inner voice that questions your strength.

Or it could also mean that you hold someone dear (crystal is usually perceived as being clear) and think they have nothing to hide but they are empty, or you feel the relationship may be empty and you want to shatter it. You may be surprised to realize you feel this way. Your subconscious may be trying to tell you it’s time you wake up and see what isn’t there.

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